Tehzeeb and Zeeshan

Image 1 of Tehzeeb and Zeeshan

How We Met

We met through a friend.

How They Asked

Zeeshan and I had been dating for five years when I started dropping hints about getting engaged around Thanksgiving 2020. He would either joke off the hints or indicate that he wasn’t ready. I know what you’re thinking, “why did you wait 5 whole years before you started dropping hints?!” I was in grad school for the last 2 years and I wanted to be settled into my career before I started planning to get married. He’s always respected that decision of mine and supported me in every step. Fast forward to the week before our proposal. One of his friends texted all of us in a group chat saying that his wife’s birthday was coming up and if we could all meet him at the rooftop of Ponce City Market to surprise his wife and grab some drinks. I didn’t think anything of it. That day, Zeeshan and I went to the park, grabbed some lunch, and then made our way to the rooftop. Once we got to the check-in area, the hostess said that “you guys are late, the rest of your party is already here. Let me take you to the rooftop myself because if you wait in this line, it will take an additional 20 minutes.” I didn’t think of anything then either besides how great their customer service was. Once we got to the rooftop, I saw a heart made of roses and pictures of us. Once I realized we were getting engaged, I started tearing up and I can’t even remember what he said leading up to the big question. Of course, I said yes and once I did I heard applause and cheers! I turned around and realized that all of our family and some close friends were waiting around the corner watching it all! It was the most beautiful day of my life. Turns out he was planning the whole proposal since August 2020.