Tegan and Brady

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How We Met

We met in high school; we were introduced by mutual friends in year 9 (9 years ago). We became pretty much best friends almost immediately. Soon after he got me a part-time job working in the same store as him so we spent pretty much all our days together but it took him about 2 years to finally ask me out in year 11. During our year 9 Psychology class we got to know each other and found out that both of our parents had graduated from the police academy in the same class and had been friends. It seems we were meant to be.

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how they asked

Brady told me he was taking me somewhere as a surprise so to wear something nice and pack an overnight bag. I wasn’t suspicious that he was going to propose because it’s not the first time he’s taken me on a surprise date and we’d thought about going to the away outside of Melbourne for lunch recently. He drove us to a beautiful garden about 1 hour from Melbourne and seemed very anxious to get inside! When we walked inside there was a hedge garden Brady directed me towards. As we walked over I could see a private table set up with wine in the middle. When we got closer I noticed the path was covered in rose petals and letters spelling out “Tegan will you marry me”, I was already in tears before he could even get down on his knee.

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Of course I said yes and afterward, Brady told me he’d organized a professional photographer to capture the moment and then take us on an engagement photo shoot around the gardens. The whole thing was perfect and a complete surprise.

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He organized for us to stay at a nice resort in the Yarra Valley but I was so excited and anxious to tell my family that he drove us back home so I could tell my parents in person before driving us back to the resort (an hour each way). I loved what Brady and my proposal co. created, it is a day I will never forget.

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