Teetan and Dolská

How We Met

Very interesting story! I came to Mauritius on a year contract to work with tourists. Sometimes of course, I put some nice pictures on Instagram… I guess he found me there by accident and he has started to like my pictures and one day, he sent me a message! I did not like him at the beginning, guy with big muscles, only pictures of himself at the gym… not my type! One day I was out with friends and I replied to one of his messages. I guess I must have been drunk at that time! :) Then, we kept texting until we met for dinner a few days later. He was not as bad as I originally thought… and now we are getting married!

How They Asked

We went for the half day couple photoshoot to one of the hidden waterfalls in Mauritius. We have never done any photoshoot and my fiancé is afraid of water. It was very fun but super cold. Cedric, our photographer, was excellent and we didn’t feel like we are having any photoshoot. During one shoot, my boyfriend was kneeling in front of me when I saw him holding the ring. I never expected that and I have automatically started to cry out of the happiness. Of course I said YES!



Special Thanks