Teena and Brian

How We Met

We were both attending Nursing school, at The College of New Rochelle, which is an all girls, Catholic College that only allows males into the Nursing School. My Gay guy friend came up to me one day and said he just saw the cutest guy in the computer lab, which i didnt believe, so i had to find him on facebook. I added him, and he later messaged me asking if I was in his class. We met up at school, and immediately started dating. with 7 years in age difference and cultural difference, nothing stopped us from falling in love!

how they asked

He took me to NY for a nice weekend away, told me we could have lunch at our favorite Mexican spot in New Rochelle, NY. I was SO excited about this, and pretty much dreamt of burritos and jalapenos margaritas at work all week. We get to New Rochelle, and instead of taking me to lunch, Brian says he wants to take a walk, which i was not happy about. We walked around the street that our old apartment is, and then walked to our old college which is around the block. As we are walking back to the car, Brian asks if I remember kissing him in this exact spot 5 years ago. To which I said, ” but did I really kiss you here, and not back there?”. By the time, I look back at him, he is telling me how beautiful and smart I am, and how much he loves me, to which I then realize, he is proposing and my thought was “OMG my nails are not done how i wanted them to be! Brian gets on one knee, dream ring in hand, and asks me to be his wife! I, ofcorse say YES!. Our photographer took pics of our proposal and of us all around our old campus. We then got in a limo, which drove us to our hotel in NYC! After we checked in, Brian gave me two minutes to change my pants and shoes, and we were out the door to my next surprise! We start walking towards the water, and i see some dinner cruises, but Brian tells me that is NOT what we are doing. We turn the corner, and I see 6 helicopters, and I know I have died, and gone to heaven! We went on a sunset tour of NYC in a helicopter- another DREAM of mine. I am so so blessed to be able to marry this wonderful man who makes all my dreams come true!

Image 1 of Teena and Brian

Special Thanks

Adam Tulloch
 | photographer