Claudette and Jonathan's Tear-Jerking Proposal Video

Tear-Jerking Proposal Video
I hate surprises, and being a planner myself, I like to be in control of a situation.

I tried to give as many hints as possible to make it easy for Jonathan, but he got me!

I had done some work with a local boutique where I had seen this pink tulle skirt. I told Jonathan that if something hypothetically was going to happen, then that is the skirt I want to be wearing.

Minding my own business at work one day, I get called upstairs to help my manager with something.

As I reach the top of the stair case, I see my friends Christy (photographer) and Ixchel (videographer) with their cameras poised.

A letter was on the table telling me to meet Jonathan in the park in the pretty pink skirt.

My boss handed me the skirt and an overnight bag filled with all my shoes, my entire make up tray, and tops to choose from!

I had 10 minutes to get ready and was to be whisked away to the park!

I immediately messaged my best friend (who is 7 hours in front of me in England) and told her its happening…

Tear-Jerking Proposal Video

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Tear-Jerking Proposal Video

We drive to Fish creek park and I’m sent into the Ranch restaurant where i wait to be collected. I’m lead out the from door and down a path where I’m greeted by Justin (videographer) and Christy again. I keep walking and i see some huge balloons with tassels and at the end of the path, Jonathan, beaming. As soon as we see each other we start to cry! I move closer and there are two vintage chairs either side of a monstrous floral arrangement!

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Tear-Jerking Proposal Video

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Jonathan says a few words and gets down on one knee and i give him a huge hug, he pushes me away and tells me to let him finish. Using my full name he asks if I will marry him. If you listen to the video, I don’t actually say yes, its more of a squeal!

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Our miniature dachshund Frank then comes around the corner to join in the fun. He is so photogenic! We pop some bubbly and take some pictures and the sky turned the exact shade of pink as my dress! so perfect. Jonathan had made reservations at 3 restaurants because i am so indecisive but i was too excited to eat. Trying to get the flowers into the car was the fun part.

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We did land up going for dinner after dropping the dog home, and everything was perfect. The ring was 100% what i had hoped for, the ring box was amazing, and everyone involved just over excelled. BEST DAY EVER.

Photos by Christy D Swanberg Photography | Video by: Parfait Productions | Flowers by: Amborella Floral

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