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How we met

I met Lia through her sister Delia, who was dating my old roommate at the time in 2012. Delia was graduating college. Lia was at her graduation party. I remember I was so nervous to even talk to her and totally embarrassed myself. Later that year, Delia was in the process of opening a business and her and Lia came by the house to watch movies one night. She said I had “look” about me when I saw her walk through the door…My breath was gone….That night we hit it off! It was like we both new there was something about this person we were drawn to. And the rest has been history.

how they asked

I developed this plan after having a conversation with my mother. She told me that I needed to make sure she could tell the story to her friends and family when they asked. So I knew I had to think of something unique. We knew we were going to get married, she knew I purchased an engagement ring. She kept sending me ideas she wanted to do for future engagement photos. I am a volunteer firefighter and she wanted to incorporate that. I started thinking about doing a proposal at the fire department. Using her siblings, we were able to convince her I wasn’t going to be able ask for a while, due to timing with needing to ask her parents permission…although I had gotten it at Christmas time without her knowing.

I had a firefighter awards banquet scheduled, and I knew I could get Lia to come “pick me up before, so we could carpool in, after this ‘training video for the city.” I was able to get some assistance from my fellow volunteer firefighters, and we started the training drill once she arrived at the fire department. It worked better then I could have ever imagined. The story is so much more elaborate and has so many little details that are simply amazing! I’m beyond excited and am so happy Lia got an amazing proposal that she deserves! Her reaction says it all and I’m so blessed she said yes!

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