Proposal Story: Teal and Jeremy

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How we met: Jeremy and I met through his sister, Jaclyn, who I shared every class at the University of Florida with. Jaclyn and I were oddly alike and drawn together. It probably sounds like what I should say about me and Jeremy’s relationship, but without her, WE wouldn’t exists. Jaclyn and I had planned in December 2008 to live together starting Fall 2009. She introduced Jeremy and I one crazy night the weekend after the University of Florida had become the 2008 National Champions! Celebrating into the weekend, Jeremy and a few of his friends came from Daytona Beach to Gainesville for the night. As soon as I saw him, I had a crush, but because he was my future roommate’s brother I didn’t want to make anything weird. Soon after that weekend, I found out he also had a crush on me and asked Jaclyn if he could come take me on a date. He has been sweeping me off my feet ever since!

how they asked: Jeremy and three of his friends ran in the Tough Mudder in Tampa, Fl early Saturday, December 3rd, 2011. This was 12 miles of obstacles, running, mud, swimming, mud, crawling, and did I mention mud? My birthday is December 4th so we had made plans to come back halfway to Daytona and go celebrate with friends in downtown Orlando, Fl. Normally I would have suspected he was going to ask because I usually ruin every surprise he has ever had and we were staying in a nicer hotel than normal. He had asked my parents the week before for their blessings, but I was convinced nothing was bought yet and it was only because he doesn’t see them much. He explained the hotel was for my birthday and they had a jacuzzi so they could rest their muscles. I was told we were only ordering pizza and my birthday dinner would be the next day. All of these circumstances had me a bit thrown off.

We walked up to our room and SLAM. He dropped the bags and slammed the door in my face leaving me in the hall. As the door slammed I saw a glimpse of rose pedals on the ground. My heart was racing while I waited for what seemed like an hour but I was told was just seconds so he could get the ring out of his bag. His sisters had driven to Orlando and decorated the whole room with roses and champagne. He grabbed my hand and walked me to the room as he told me how much he loved me and when we got to the bedroom with a heart on the bed he got on one knee and with the box closed asked me to marry him. After saying yes with tears in my eyes he opened the box to the most beautiful and perfect ring I could ever ask for! I was so happy I could not stop smiling and giving him kisses!
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