Teague and Caleb

How We Met

Caleb and I met doing our favorite thing in the world- playing worship music at church. I sing and he plays drums (also a fantastic guitar player and singer!) He lives nowhere near me but his sister Grace goes to my church as well. He came to our church that night as a guest drummer with his family to visit his sister. I remember standing in front of his on stage, occasionally looking behind me thinking “who is that?!” *all heart eyes*

After service, I went up to him to say good job and hopefully strike up a conversation with the cute new guy. I said “ hey you did awesome tonight!” With which he replied “oh, thanks!”…and then promptly walked away! I was a little embarrassed and then went over to talk to my friends, without mentioning he just cut me off.

A week later, I received a friend request on Facebook and Instagram and was so excited to see it was Caleb! And yes, I guess you could say he slid into my dm’s…but this started our conversation and us realizing we had so much in common. We made an effort to see each other a few times in the next month or two, all the while talking every day until he finally asked me to sing with him at his church! I was so incredibly nervous but when I met him before service, I quickly realized he was much more nervous than I was. We sat outside church talking on a bench and spent our time awkwardly sitting next to each other in the freezing cold holding hands. We never told each other at the time but this was when we both knew we loved each other.

how they asked

Fast forward to exactly a year later. We were singing at the same church as we did one year earlier. This time with his sister and her husband! The service that night was a little more packed than normal, filled with a lot of our friends who drove to be there for our friends birthday party after. Caleb used this as the best excuse for why all these people were there. At the end of the night, everyone was eating and Caleb asks me to go outside with him. Over the past year, we had gone outside and walked around the community center where we held church. There were other classes going on, like elderly line dancing classes that we loved to watch!

i thought this was what we were going to do. When we walked outside, he starting telling me how much he loved me and how this place was where he first realized he loved me. As we kept walking, I saw lights and candles in the distance. He led me down stairs to a beautiful bridge covered in twinkle lights. Already he was getting choked up making it hard for me to keep the tears out of my own eyes! He led me over to the bridge and told me how he can’t wait for our lives spent together, serving the Lord and growing as a family. We started in ministry together and he’s the only one I would ever want to worship alongside. He got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. And of course, I said YES!

Special Thanks

Grace and Hollow Cobos