Tayyeba and Nadeem

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how they asked

Nadeem took me to Stockheld Park where we had our first date. As the park was closing, everyone was leaving but on our way out Nadeem asked one of the workers if we could go into the enchanted maze for a quick wander, the man said they were closing but he’d let us in for a quick 10 minutes (little did I know he knew what was about to happen!!). As we walked in the maze, I could hear “our song” (Maroon 5 – Daylight) playing really loud throughout the park, I told Nadeem it was strange that our favourite song was playing at our favourite place but he dismissed it all! We wandered around for a good 45 minutes because we actually ended up getting lost! (We were only meant to be in there for 15 mins). We were both so tired of walking! But when we finally got to the exit and found our way out there was a beautiful set up with a flower wall, petals on the floor and balloons and our song was still playing. There were some workers, a photographer, videographer and the florist ladies that helped set up watching. I was so embarrassed but Nadeem dropped down on one knee and asked me to marry him…

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I was like erm DUR and gave him a big hug!! Then everyone around us starting clapping and cheering! and I was just shouting oh my god on repeat! Haha :) Afterwards he’d booked a table at a restaurant I’d wanted to go to for ages and all our loved ones were there to celebrate! One of the best days ever!

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