Taylor and Travis

How We Met

Travis and I went to the same church camp for 6 years without ever meeting, I was even in a small group with both his best friend Austin and older brother Tyler and never once spoke a word to Travis. I just knew he was the Pratts youngest son with the weird Mohawk every year(haha). Senior year the seniors always go early to help set up, and the Pratts go to help and this year Travis was back as a counselor. My friends and I were all hanging out and during one of our breaks I noticed Travis sitting by himself. I felt bad for him because he was so close in age to us with no one to hang out with so I decided to introduce myself. I invited him to hang out with us. Which he surprisingly accepted. After that whenever Travis was free he would come find us and hang out even if it involved crafting props for my small groups skit with a bunch of 6th graders. I started to notice how cute and funny he was and would time my walks to the pavilion in the morning so I could run into him and invite him to sit with us at worship. We spent the nights after church looking at stars with the rest of the seniors, hanging out at the lake, he sliced my finger open on a can of cheese during a ref game while trying to mess/probably flirt with me (romance people), and I even proceeded to get us completely lost in the wilderness for two hours which is unfortunately a sign of things to come during our relationship.

Proposal Ideas Chicago

After that, I began to realize I may have a crush on this guy. As camp ended everyone was joking that Travis had a huge crush on me, and I laughed it off. We were both dating other people at the time, yet he still Facebook messaged me and our friendship continued after camp when he asked for my number to “keep in touch”. Knowing we were both dating someone I kept any romantic feelings out of it best I could but every time I saw him at church I knew I was in trouble. Around the end of that year, Travis invited me and my friend, Lindsay, to visit at Baylor. We spent the rainiest weekend at their house party, and woke up the next morning and drove home at 4 am for My friend’s chemistry lab. I knew after that weekend I was getting feelings that were beyond friendship and I would have to cut off our friendship since I was still dating someone else. So slowly I stopped talking to him and eventually even unfriended him on Facebook so I couldn’t see him (though it didn’t stop me from stalking his profile picture occasionally). A few months later our friendship began again with both of us finally single and it was apparent we had feelings for each other. I really knew how much he liked me when he drove down to college station for a crush party with an hours’ notice to accompany me when all my dates canceled which was a huge deal since he isn’t a huge fan of A&M. If that wasn’t enough he came down again for a date party, and Chilifest at A&M and invited me to Baylor again.

After Dia, we had “the talk” and decided we weren’t ready to ruin our friendship and to take things slow in the summer and see where things went. Though I’m sure everyone laughed behind our backs that we were just delaying the inevitable. The whole summer I waited for him to make us official. He would always joke (sometimes I wonder if it was a joke) I would have to pass his tests first. The rest of the summer was spent on long dates, talking in his car for hours, LOTS of snow cones and explaining to people that no, we were not dating. Finally, he asked if I would be his girlfriend! Since dating Travis, I have learned to love beer and breweries, been to about 40 rodeos, probably eaten 500lbs of crawfish, been to tons of football games, baseball games (GO ASTROS WORLD SERIES CHAMPS), been to Germany for Oktoberfest and much more. I have become a better person since knowing Travis and I know God put him in my life. Early in our relationship Tiffany’s had a contest on Instagram asking couples to describe their relationship in 6 words. We concluded ours would be: “sometimes God’s plan can take time”. I truly believe God put us through 4 years of friendship, bad timing, and drama because God’s plan for us was greater than our own.

how they asked

Three years of dating and many adventures later I knew it was time to start coming up with a plan to ask her to spend the rest of our lives together. Taylor and I love adventure and traveling to new cities and exploring together. With this in mind, I knew that I wanted to propose outside of Texas. The first step was to figure out a city to do it in. That wasn’t too hard because for the last year or so Taylor would not stop talking about Chicago. She even adopted the Cubs as her team when they went to the World Series (bandwagon fan). Obviously, I thought this had to be the place. Next was the tricky part, getting her to think that going to Chicago was her idea. Taylor had just started her new job and was on a project that traveled to Chicago, lucky me. With the city fresh on her mind, I started asking questions like “Where are you going to take me when we visit together?” This got her excited for us to go together and I started looking up flights.

Taylor and Travis's Engagement in Chicago

I needed an excuse to go without her being suspicious since we had been talking about marriage and timelines for our lives. I figured that going for her birthday was easy enough. Perfect date and reason to be there. Now to start the real planning. I researched for hours trying to find the best photographer and how to get good pictures without her noticing. I hatched a plan with the newfound photographer to be waiting at a spot that Taylor had mentioned she wanted to take a picture. Taylor hates asking people to take pictures of us, so I would offer to find someone to take a picture on my phone. Little did she know; that person would be the photographer that I had been talking to for two months getting this plan worked out.

Finally, come Saturday we go to brunch and have a very low-key day trying to make it seem like nothing was going to happen. We planned to go to a winery on the river before dinner and I planned out a path to walk right past the area where the photographer is waiting. When we arrived, I ask Taylor if she wanted to take a picture and she agreed. I asked Christy, our photographer if she would take a picture of us. After a few pictures with my phone, Christy made up a story about being photographers on vacation and she would love to take a picture with her much nicer camera. I figured Taylor wouldn’t go for it but surprisingly she was very open to it. Now for the actual proposal, I tell Taylor to hold on before taking a picture because I need to fix something in my boot (this is where the ring was).

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Chicago

Of course, while walking to the spot, the ring box gets stuck in my boot and is hard to take out, and Taylor is so embarrassed that this nice woman is waiting for us to take the picture. I finally get it out and get on one knee and Taylor still doesn’t realize what is happening. I ask her to marry me and obviously, she says yes. I then start explaining that she is the photographer I hired and all the hints about this weekend are coming together beside one, her parents.

While taking more pictures with Christy we hear cheering from a distance and I point over to show her that her parents had made the trip to Chicago and seen the whole proposal unfold from afar. She sees them and immediately breaks down and runs over to them. It was probably the happiest I had seen her since we started dating. Just a perfect way to top off the whole proposal and trip to Chicago. The pictures turned out amazing, and I’m so happy with them (especially the one when she sees her parents).

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