Taylor and Taylor

Proposal Ideas Lake Louise, Alberta

How We Met

Our story began when we met on the swim team as kids. As the years went by our families became close friends and we both started wanting to be more than friends, but we were both too afraid to admit it. In 2008 we were both in high school and Taylor’s mom was diagnosed with breast cancer. She fought hard and we all prayed for her health, but she was taken from us far to early. We both realized right then how short and sweet life is and fully admitted our feelings for one another and began dating shortly after.

How They Asked

Fast forward 10 years we are both finished school and getting into our careers we decided to take a dream trip out west to Lake Louise, Alberta. It was a bucket list kinda trip for me, and little did I know Taylor was going to make it the most memorable trip ever! We arrived around sunset May 19th (The same day as the Royal Wedding) and his intent was to propose that day so I could feel like a princess too but didn’t end up going to the lake since it was almost dark. The next morning we walked from our hotel to the lake and I was in awe of the mountainous view in front of me. Friends of ours who were on the trip with us offered to take our picture in front of the lake. As we stood there smiling I felt Taylor start to move and I looked over as he was dropping down on 1 knee. He told me that while we were here in the most beautiful place in the world he wanted to ask the most beautiful girl in the world to marry him! I absolutely bawled as I knew this was the best thing that could ever happen for us! We decided on Forever!