Ross and Alex's Proposal with the Help of Taylor Swift

How We Met

Ross and I met through Tinder after months of our mutual friend Valerie telling us she wanted to set us up. Ross messaged me on Valentine’s Day pretending he didn’t know I was the guy Val had mentioned while sitting next to Val drinking wine.

Our first date was at The Hudson in West Hollywood and we kissed in the rain. I texted Val that he was a bit short and he told her that I was a little tall. I knew it was right on our second date when we went on a hike to the Wisdom Tree and neither of us thought to put any effort into our appearance. We looked a mess.

How They Asked

We moved in fast, bought a house fast and went through a lot these past three years. We always talked about getting married and where we’d do it, but I was waiting for the right time financially or when we weren’t stressed with work. One night, I was listening to “King Of My Heart” by Taylor Swift and decided there was no reason to wait when she sang, “And all at once you are the one I have been waiting for. King of my heart, body and soul.”

I enlisted my friends Alex Moore, Amanda Horning, Lola Spitzen, Hannah Elder, Valerie Peterson and Sean Williams to help with various parts. I had all our close family fly in for a surprise engagement party to follow the proposal. It was a multi-layered surprise.

Ross didn’t see a single thing coming. Hannah asked him if he wanted to go on a hike and to invite me. I had the photographer Leigh Gaston at the tree ready to take photos. I asked to recreate the photos we took on our second date three years earlier and then said I wanted to do a different pose. When I got down on one knee, it didn’t hit Ross and he was almost too shell-shocked to say yes.

He thought that was it and was floored when he got to the surprise engagement party. He was floored again when he turned a corner and saw our parents and his sister and brother-in-law hiding behind a beam. He was even more floored when I welcomed Taylor Swift out to perform “King Of My Heart.” Lola handled decor including photos from our whole relationship hung by clothespins on twine across the bar. I even texted her a proposal photo to finish it. The flowers were all greens with succulents and eucalyptus pouring out of an assortment of jars, bottles and driftwood. I could not have asked for a more perfect day.

Special Thanks

Sycamore Tavern
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Bloom! There It Is
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