Taylor Rae and Steven

How We Met

Steven and I had met at work. We both were in a very broken place and built what is like something out of fairytales kind of love from an incredible friendship. Our ability to be best friends as well as soulmates I feel is the reason why our relationship is so unique, beautiful and strong.

Taylor Rae and Steven's Engagement in Vanderbilt planetarium

How They Asked

In case if you’re wondering if the perfect proposal doesn’t exist. Here’s the magic from that I’m still in awe from. I woke up feeling uneasy, hating myself, having an overall bad morning. I curled my hair. hated it. Straitened my hair. Hated it!! I began crying in absolute self-loathing anger and telling my boyfriend to lie to his parents, say any excuse that we could not meet them for lunch. He comforted me and told me, let’s go to the planetarium which was a very odd request at that time of day but, we’re an odd couple, so why not. He looked in my eyes and promised me the day would get better. After a long warm embrace, I pulled myself together.
We get to the planetarium, where it was to no surprise, empty. We get seated inside the dark dome, to where the projections specialist asked us if we wanted to see some new material and give them some feedback. We obliged to in excitement to what we may get to see. The magical intro of Flume’s “Never be like you” plays to then a slide show of us and our life begin, projecting largely on the dome screen.

I began balling immediately. After the song, OUR SONG, Driftin by GRiZ comes on. For the remaining 3 minutes, pictures of us and the places we’ve been and enjoyed in our loving 2+ years of our lives together glide across the screen with pure joy filling my heart. Makeup now burning my eyes from my sobs. He tells me all these amazing loving wonderful words which at this point seem like a blur because I then knew. OMG. It’s happening. He then tells me to look up, gets down on one knee and written in the stars is “Will you marry me?” I, of course, said yes and turned around to where our parents secretly were behind us excited as ever! We then went back to my parents’ house for a small celebration and I honestly couldn’t imagine it any more perfect!!! The perfect man really does exist ?? I’m excited for what this next chapter brings and can only hope our story of true love especially to those who know us inspires those to hold on because their perfect person awaits them too!