Taylor and Jacob

How We Met

Jake and I “officially” met in middle school when he sat in front of me in homeroom. I would try to get his attention by poking him with my pencil and eventually made a friend of mine write a note to him to ask him if he liked me. He wrote me a note back asking to be his girlfriend! Although our middle school relationship didn’t work out so great, we remained absolute best friends and started dating again our junior year of high school.

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Taylor's Proposal in Athens, GA

How They Asked

It was my graduation weekend from the University of Georgia. All of our family was coming into town to celebrate and attend the ceremony. The night before graduation after leaving work my mom told me to meet Jake and his brother at a bar downtown because the rest of the family were walking around downtown looking at all of the shops and Christmas lights. When I got to Jake he told me we were supposed to meet everyone else so we needed to go find them. We started walking downtown and he led me to the beautiful Christmas tree they had set up. All I remember him saying is “Taylor Rease O’Quinn will you marry me?” and getting down on one knee!

After I said “yes!” I heard an extremely loud cheer from across the street! Both of our families were hiding out watching and even more family members that I didn’t know were in town appeared! It was such a special night to have all of our family there and to be able to say yes to spending forever with my high school sweetheart!

Special Thanks

Caitlin Cooper
 | Photographer