Taylor and Cameron

How We Met

Cameron and met freshman year, in high school and happened to have Principals of Science together. He sat right behind me and would ask for the answers to quizzes, tests, and homework. I had a huge crush on him so of course, I gave him the answers. One night at our local towns Christmas light’s celebration I wanted to tell him how I felt, so I built up all this courage to tell him…I liked him. He responded with…” yeah I like you as a friend too.” My hopes were crushed! We both went on through high school just as friends, and I ended up dating one of his best friends, on and off for a year. We had a group of great friends that we would always hang out with, and Cameron and I’s friendship just kept growing.

Skip to senior of high school, we went to a haunted house with our group of friends. At the haunted house, my feelings for Cameron came back. Six months passed and our group of friends had hung out pretty much every weekend. One night, in particular, Cameron and I were texting about people we liked, he described this girl who sounded pretty familiar. I played the, “oh who is she”…”do I know her”…game thinking it was me, but a couple more months passed and he still hadn’t said anything to me. I had ended up talking to another guy who was in a class on mine, and he asked me to be his girlfriend. It was towards the end of our senior year, and graduation was around the corner. I broke it off with this guy, with Cameron in the back of my mind.

One of our mutual friends, overheard me telling my girlfriends that I broke up with the guy. I saw him dart down the hall. The fourth period rolls around and I get a text during class from Cameron! Telling me I was the girl he texted me about. He told me how much he liked me! I was so excited that he finally said what I have been wanting him to say all along. We talked for about 3 weeks before we made it “FBO”. January 11th, 2013.

how they asked

We had been talking about when he should ask for a while, because I wanted to be graduated from college, and we wanted to be starting our house building processes. I was going on vacation with my family, and before I left he asked if I wanted to get Texas Roadhouse (our fave restaurant) on Sunday when I got back. I, of course, said yes. The whole week he kept reminding me about going to eat, and I didn’t think anything of it because that is how Cameron is. Sunday we ate at Texas Roadhouse, and Cameron did not finish his meal…which is VERY unlike him.

We then went to all my favorite stores (Target, Academy Sports, etc.), and then on the way to our property he stopped at the gas station to get a drink (which, again, was very unlike him) He spent a long time in there trying to “find” his drink (He called my sister to make sure she was there to capture the moment). We got to the property and he wanted me to stay in his truck (to give my sister the “signal”), but I got out anyway. He grabbed my hand walking towards the front yard because “he needed help picking up some branches”.

Where to Propose in On our property where we are going to build our dream home

I was reluctant because I was in semi-nice clothes. As we walked over the hill I saw the beautiful lights, and then I saw my sister with her camera, finally, I saw the carving in the tree and KNEW something was going on. Cameron got down on one knee and asked me to marry him on July 29, 2018. With the MOST perfect ring, and perfect back-drop.

Taylor's Proposal in On our property where we are going to build our dream home

Special Thanks

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