Taylor and Anthony and the Puppy that Helps Propose

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How We Met: I spent the entire night before we met baking Christmas cookies for a holiday cookie exchange. When I woke up the next morning, I found out I had a snow day (I’m a teacher). I had no idea what to do with 120 cookies, and ultimately spent the day trying to explain to my 92-year-old grandpa that he did not die… he just planned his own funeral and called everyone (including a funeral home) to let them know. My day wasn’t exactly wonderful, and actually semi-exhausting. My dad and I went to happy hour afterwards and my friend from college who was just recently married said she was having a holiday party that night at their place. I was super exhausted and really just wanted to forget about the day, so I told her another time. She reminded me that we had a snow day and I hadn’t done anything exciting all day, plus I had over a hundred cookies that needed to be eaten. She also mentioned that there could be some boy there that I should meet. Quite frankly I had been through that way too many times to even consider something coming from it.

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I gave in, packed my 100+ cookies up, tossed on some leggings and a sweater, and headed her way. We had a great time catching up and talking teacher-talk, but there was no new boy in sight. A few drinks later I noticed a guy come in with this amazing curly hair (not to mention muscles!). He seemed kind of shy and was just catching up with his buddies, but he was so cute I just had to give it a shot. I insisted that he try my cookies and explained my entire day. I don’t think I stopped talking for the first hour he was there. Most guys would find that to be annoying, but he just kept smiling and listening. We stayed up all night talking and eventually it became morning. He explained how he had to go shopping for his nephew’s birthday and how it was so nice to meet me. I wasn’t so sure I believed his story but I went with it. Minutes later I got a text and remembered exchanging numbers the night before. “I’d like to take you on a date. When are you free?”

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how they asked: Just a few months after we started dating we took our first trip together to traverse city. We explored the wineries and breweries and stayed at a hotel really close to the downtown area. It was a great weekend and as we drove home we talked about a bunch of things, including our love for dogs. We ended up stopping at an adoption event just around the corner from home. After a very long hour of playing with puppies and feeling a little unsure of what was happening, we ended up taking home our adorable baby girl black lab, Riley.

Riley is our life and we absolute obsess over her. I was on winter break and it was record-breaking freezing. Riley and I were cooped up inside all day, playing and snuggling to stay warm. Poor Anthony had to get up and go to work every morning knowing that I was staying home with our puppy child. We decided on Friday we would go to happy hour and celebrate his work week being over. I was going a little stir crazy in the house so I got ready and just anxiously awaited his arrival. He got home, gave me a quick kiss, picked up Riley and went upstairs with her. I assumed he was just changing out of his work clothes so that we could head out, but Riley came running back downstairs with a collar on. I was really confused at first because she didn’t have one on in the first place, so I asked him where it came from. “I just got her a new one. Go check it out!” I laid on the floor with her reading her new doggy tags. “Will” was as far as I got before I said “Oh my god.” I read through the dog tags, shaking, and noticed the date on the back. It was 14 months from the day we first met. When I turned around, he opened a jewelry box with the most amazing ring I have ever seen. At this point, both of our hands were shaking and somewhere in there was a “will you?” and “yes!” I could barely find the right words to say in the moment. And the ring? There are no words to describe that! Best moment ever.

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His happy hour plan was really the fact that both of our families were meeting us at a restaurant for celebrations, as well as a scheduled FaceTime planned with my brother and his girlfriend in Guatemala. He got permission from my parents and they were in on it all week. The weekend was filled with celebrations and the wedding planning process has begun!

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