Taylor and Zack

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Monarch Mountain Colorado

How We Met

Zack and I met in high school. It was constant passing each other in the hallways, seeing each other in the parking lots and lunch room. We come from a small town in Colorado so one of the things everyone did in high school was hangout in the high school parking lot late hours. That’s when Zack and I hit it off. We started talking and then shortly after he asked me on our first date, snowboarding on Monarch Mountain. Since then we have been best friends and going strong through long distance, deployments and the best times of our life’s.

how they asked

Snowboarding and New Years has always been Zack and I’s thing. Our first date being snowboarding, then celebrating New Years together right after every single year since 2014. Being long distance we don’t get much time together, so these two things have such a special place for us! December 31, 2017 we went snowboarding again on Monarch Mtn Colorado. When we got to the top of the mountain Zack wanted to take pictures. I thought nothing of it, we set up our snowboards behind us, taking pictures and shortly after Z got down on one knee.

Proposal Ideas Monarch Mountain Colorado