Taylor and Zachary

How We Met

Way back in May 2011, I was going through a breakup and I told my “football guy friend” that I wanted him to set me up with a football player. So, we went through the yearbook (with already having someone on my mind, but didn’t want to seem too eager) and I pointed to Zach. My friend told me that he could make it happen and I was so excited (on the inside). He talked to Zach later that day and after hearing the pitch as to why he should talk to me, Zach said that if I wanted to talk to him, I could text him.

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[At the time, I was the type of girl who wouldn’t go after a guy, but rather, let the guy come to me. However, I knew what I wanted and that was him] So, I texted him and we set a day for our first date in between schedule conflicts of soccer tournaments and 7v7 football. We went on multiple dates throughout the summer, but when it came down to school and Zach’s senior year starting, he decided it would be best for us to stay friends. I was reluctant but went with it anyway.

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A couple of months went by after we decided to be friends, I got my braces off. Much to my surprise, a few days later, I get a little red notification on Facebook from Zach… (I still joke with him about how I think he only got back together with me because I didn’t have metal to hold my smile back anymore)

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It took him another month and a half before he OFFICIALLY asked me to be his girlfriend (November 27, 2011) and we have been inseparable ever since. Sure, we had our ups and downs, but in the end, it made us so much stronger.

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Flash forward, 6 years later, November 26, 2017. Zach said he had plans for our anniversary, but it would have to be the day before since he had work the next day. He wouldn’t tell me what we were going to be doing which bugged the crap out of me because he never kept secrets like this. Eventually, I gave up on asking and just waited until the day arrived. We drove 45 minutes out of town to a neighborhood that had a pretty lake and park area near the entrance. When we pulled up in his truck he said that he had hired a photographer and that we were going to do a couples photo shoot.

This is something we do quite often just for fun and he said that it was going to be for our first “Christmas card”. In my head, I’m thinking, “okay…. why would we send out Christmas cards if we’re not actually married??? We had never talked about this so I was a little skeptical but I went along with it.

We went along with the photographer and took a couple of photos around different parts of the park. We ended up in a secluded spot where our photographer told me to sit on the ground and pose toward the camera and for Zach to “kneel down” behind me [I thought nothing of it]. He took a few photos and then told me to turn and face Zach, a command he had given frequently throughout the session. So I turned and there he was looking back into my eyes.

At first, I didn’t even see the ring, but then…I don’t even remember the words he said or if I even said yes but Zach assures me I did through all the tears. At that point in our relationship, of course, my answer was a “HECK YES!!!” Naturally, it was just a little hard to find the words at the moment.

We had always talked about this moment and starting our lives together but I could never have imagined the emotions that took us both over at this moment. I couldn’t have asked for a more special day and we are both very excited for all the special days to come.

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