Taylor and Zach

How We Met

Zach & I met through a close friend of mine. She went to church with him & his family & was determined to get us together. I followed him on Instagram and later that same day he messaged me telling me he accidentally liked one of my old photos on my feed! (Creeper!) In reality, he liked it on purpose, giving him a reason to message me.

Taylor's Proposal in Downtown Kansas City, Missouri

Where to Propose in Downtown Kansas City, Missouri

We went on our first date a few days later. Chatting it up in downtown KC & drinking bubble tea! It wasn’t always perfect… I was “young and dumb” & ended up ending things between us. Later realizing how AMAZING of a person he was, a few months past & I asked him on a date to chipotle. Ever since that date, we have been inseparable.

Taylor and Zach's Engagement in Downtown Kansas City, Missouri

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Downtown Kansas City, Missouri

how they asked

Zach & I are big media people. We love photography & videography. Zach had been wanting to make a video of some random shots of us on dates around KC. The poor guy heard me doubt him and this video for months! Little did I know, the video really would get done. Just on his own time. I woke up the morning of the proposal at Zach’s House. We had planned to go out to shoot some video that day. It was the first snow KC had seen this winter. His parents kept urging us to get out before the snow stopped… (I still had no idea) we get downtown, with his sister Kaylee, who was planning on getting some video with the both of us in it. We decide to stop at one of Kansas City’s hand painted murals on the top of a parking garage.

We hurried up there in the freezing temps to get some cool shots. Zach explains to me where he wants me to walk for the shot he had in mind. So there I go, walking toward the “#KC loves” mural. I turned out to walk back toward Zach & there he was… on one knee. Of course I started crying & buried my face in my hands as I walked to him to give by far, the easiest YES I’ve ever said!

Our Video

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