Taylor and Will

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How We Met

Will and I met my junior year of high school (he was a senior), we had never talked before and barely even looked at each other, but then we were put in the same chemistry group and things started to change. We started talking a few months later, then started dating in November of 2013. The summer of 2014, he brought up the idea of joining the Air Force. At first I was not happy with the idea, but regardless I supported him and his decision and he left for basic training in August, I saw him again in October when he graduated but after that I wasn’t sure when I’d see him again.

how they asked

Fast forward a few months and he was still doing military things but needed his car that was in Nebraska down with him in Texas. Miraculously my mom agreed to driving his car down to Texas with me. On Saturday, January 24, 2015, Will told me we were going to the River Walk with some of his family to get ice cream, I had always wanted to go at night so I agreed. We drove separately, got to the River Walk and started walking around. After a while we came up to one of the bridges in the center of the shops, his family was standing on the bridge holding a banner that said “Taylor, will you marry me?” Next thing I know he’s down on one knee holding a ring, I’m saying yes and tons of people are clapping for us. I unfortunately don’t have any pictures because it happened so fast but we’ve now been married for 4 months and that night is still one of the best nights of my life.

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