Taylor and Will

How We Met

Will and I met when we were in high school, but it wasn’t until senior year that we actually showed interest in each other, despite how often all of our friends told us we were going to grow up and get married. One night, I texted all our friends to hang out, and my best friend texted everyone but Will saying that there was a change of plans, forcing us to have a date. After that night, we continued to hang out together. Will asked me to be his girlfriend 5 weeks before we left for college, 500 miles away from each other.

Image 1 of Taylor Van and Will Vande

how they asked

Three years into our long distance relationship, Will came to visit me in Chicago when he had a long weekend. There was a super cute gazebo not far from my house that was all decorated for Christmas lights that I wanted to take pictures under, so after dinner, Will took me there.

We started taking a few pictures and Will turned to me and said, he was thinking of ways to make this weekend more special, so he had a question to ask me. Got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. I was so excited, I all I could do was nod my head and mutter a small “mmhm”.


Image 2 of Taylor Van and Will Vande

Image 3 of Taylor Van and Will Vande