Taylor and Tylor

How We Met: When my family decided2007 to move to Jacksonville in 2003 I was devastated due to have been leaving all my young friends in the middle of the school year. Being in third grade most kids already had their friends when I got there so I was really shy at first. However there was always a very “high-intensity”, very hyper and funny kid that always stood out to me and we became friends. His name was Tylor Key.

We finished elementary school together and wasn’t until 7 and 8th grade by having classes with him, that I realized that I had the biggest crush on him.

He was that popular baseball player that did not mind being center of attention and I was more the nerdy stay back and read a book time. However, he was always so nice and included me in everything he could. He was definitely the one I wanted to sign my yearbook.

In high school, after promising not to, we lost touch due to going to different schools. However it was like God kept putting us in each other’s path. Whether it was the grocery store, at our jobs, or the mall. Every time we would see one another we would always go into our own little world and talk for 45 minutes or more. Our parents and friends would always call us out for having a spark between us however one of us would usually be dating someone else so we always brushed it off. I used to jokingly tell my mom though every time I saw Tylor, “If only I could marry Tylor Key.”

We graduated high school, he went to college on a baseball scholarship and I went to college to pursue my dream of becoming an attorney. After two years of barely seeing each other during the summer he asked me if I would like to go on the boat with him and some friends. After that day we were inseparable.

Proposal Ideas Walt Disney World

how they asked: Disney has been my favorite place to go since I was 18 months old. I have always been super obsessed with princess movies, Disney engagements, practically anything Disney. So after finding out Tylor had never gone to Disney before I had to make sure that changed! Therefore I planned a trip for both families and us to go and spend a weekend in Orlando. We agreed to have our group go to Magic Kingdom. Tylor was super stressed from the time we stepped into the park due to nerves and could not even eat lunch with all of us. Tylor and my mom, Connie Chun, had convinced me that we were surprising my father by meeting up with his childhood friend.

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As we are standing on main street waiting for this “friend” I started to hear a barber shop quartet start singing down the street. My family and Tylor convinced me that we should watch it as we sat and waited for this man and his family to show up. After they had finished their first song they began to explain to us that we were going to be apart of the show. They sang “Let me call you sweetheart” and made Tylor sing “you” each time. Which I found out later that Tylor had NO IDEA he was going to have to sing so it was a surprise for the both of us. The quartet proceeded to explain that “It doesn’t get anymore romantic than that,” and Tylor told them that it does.

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He slowly walked forward to me, grabbed my hands and proceeded to say, “Baby I love you and you make me the most happiest man in the world. You strive so hard to make my dreams come true, now I want to make yours come true and spend the rest of my life with you.” He got down on one knee and proposed.

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After the quartet started softly singing “A dream is a wish your heart makes” and each one of our family members came up and gave me a red rose so at the end I had a bouquet.

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We had people gathered around videoing, taking pictures, and congratulating us. I had never felt so much like a princess and being able to take engagement photos at my favorite place was absolutely amazing. Later on he told me that he had bought the ring two weeks after we had gotten together because he knew there was no one else in this world he wanted to spend the rest of his life with. I am marrying not only the love of my life but the man who when he was a boy never seemed to ever let me be alone and be sad. He is truly the answer to my prayers; my dreams have seriously came true.

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Who says love at first sight and magical moments do not exist?

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Our Video

Well this is what EVERYONE has been waiting and asking for..THE ENGAGEMENT VIDEO!!! I want to thank everyone for all the sweet and kind words and ALL the "congratulations" we have gotten. It's like I sent God a checklist and He gave me the man who is perfect for me. Who knew it was going to be someone who was in my life forever. When you know you know. Thank you to Disney for making our engagement absolutely the best EVER! After loving disney since I was 18 months old, it honestly made me feel like such a princess, I love Tylor Key with all my heart and he did an absolutely perfect job with this! Check it out our absolutely MAGICAL moment to the end! So excited we have a wedding to plan! 󾠥󾌧󾍕❤️ #TheFutureKeys 󾮊

Posted by Taylor Chun on Sunday, September 20, 2015

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