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How We Met

Taylor and I grew up in the same town of Framingham, MA but went to different schools until High School, where we met through mutual friends. To be honest, when we met, we didn’t like each other at all. Our best friends were dating each other and they wanted us to date so badly that we were just turned off by the whole idea of it. As time went on, we found ourselves in more classes together and by junior year, Taylor and I became best friends out of nowhere. We were so close at the end of that school year, that all of our friends thought we were secretly together, but in all reality, we were actually trying to help each other find other people to date. One night we were hanging out with a group of friends and suddenly we found ourselves alone together, and we both saw a spark we hadn’t noticed before. That was the first time I kissed her. Three weeks later, we were each others’ first relationship. We’ve been attached at the hip ever since, having gone to college in Florida together, and moving in together our Sophomore year. It actually wasn’t until around that time that we showed each other childhood pictures of ourselves, revealing that we went to the same pre-school at exact same time. This may not be a surprise to those who grew up in a small town, but Framingham, MA was the largest town in the United States until it became a city in 2017, so the odds of that weren’t very high. We’ve been together for over seven years now, so in January, I got a ring.

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how they asked

I hadn’t ever surprised Taylor with anything big before, so I knew I wanted to propose in a big way. Taylor was a fashion major in college and has more clothes than any woman could possibly stuff into a closet. So, I knew she would love being surprised with tickets to the San Diego Fashion Week’s #1 event. I told Taylor that my boss had tickets and he and his wife couldn’t go. I waited until we arrived to tell her we actually had VIP front row seats. Right before the show went to intermission, the DJ walked down the aisle, handed me the microphone, and let me get down on a knee in front of hundreds of people. My heart was racing the whole night, so it’s a blessing I was able to get it all on video because I honestly feel like I blacked out. It was a good thing I memorized what I wanted to say to her beforehand because I had no idea the adrenaline would totally take over for both of us.

The most special part about the proposal has to do with the ring. My Gram was the first person I opened my eyes up to as a newborn, and she’s been a major part of my life ever since. When Taylor and I went to college in Florida where my grandparents lived, they got closer than I ever expected. I’d find them shopping and getting their nails done together, constantly. We were at my grandmother’s house together, and my Gram waited for Taylor to leave the room when she leaned in and whispered to me, “If you don’t marry that girl, you’re an idiot”. She then told me she wanted to give me her diamond to give to Taylor. She’s always been such an important piece of my life, it means more than words can describe that we feel like we’ll always have a piece of her with us. When I first picked up the ring after I had the stone set in, I immediately burst into tears. We both lost it when I told her right after proposing that she was wearing my Gram’s diamond. Proposing to Taylor was the most special experience of my life.

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