Taylor and Travis

How We Met

Travis and I met at work in April of 2014, I was coming into my new role in sales at the company and Travis is part of the accounting and operations team. We didn’t interact much at first, but over the course of a few months we began spending more and more time together outside of the office. Our decision to start dating didn’t come quickly, we were both hesitant about dating someone that we work with – but after some incredible date nights, we realized what we had was more than just “dating”.

how they asked

Both of our families have property in northern Michigan, so we both grew up spending our summers on different lakes and beaches, enjoying time outdoors with our loved ones. On my 24th birthday, I told Travis that I wanted to go up to Traverse City and spend the day wine tasting. Since it’s off-season for most of the vineyards, I figured there wouldn’t be as much of a crowd as there usually is and we would be able to go more places in less time. He agreed that it would be a fun trip, and we opened it up to my family to join us. I had never been to his families cottage, so we decided that we would stay there and meet up with my family the next day to celebrate my birthday. The following morning, he led me out on the patio to see how beautiful Bass Lake looked in the early sun. While I was taking it all in, he said “Hokie has a birthday gift for you”- which startled me, because Hokie is our 1 year old golden retriever with a knack for eating things he shouldn’t. So I assumed Hokie was eating my gift, until Travis (begrudgingly) told me to look at his dog tag. His usual tag with name, address, etc. had been replaced by an adorable antiqued copper tag that read “will you marry my daddy?”.

Image 1 of Taylor and Travis

I was so shocked that Travis had to pull me up off my knees so that he could get down on one and pull out the ring. He went on to tell me a series of beautiful, wonderful things (that I can’t remember because I really was in shock) and asked me to marry him. With a tearful smile, I said YES! Being that it was 8am and I was not prepared for a photo op, we spent the rest of the day drinking wine with my family and taking pictures to celebrate all over Traverse City.

Image 2 of Taylor and Travis

Image 3 of Taylor and Travis