Taylor and Travis' Surprise Marriage Proposal in Hong Kong

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How We Met

It all started at Apple Valley Middle School in 2005 when I spotted the hottest guy in school. Did I actually think I had a chance with him? No!! But after graduating from different high schools something magical brought us back to one another…FACEBOOK. That’s right we officially met on Facebook! (and a few encounters at Baskin Robbins where Travis used to work.) I was living in Monterey at the time and him back in our home town. From the day we met we always had stuff to talk about and would skype every night until about 5am. You really get to know someone when you both are delirious lol. I never thought I would fall for someone so fast like I fell for Travis Chapman. In my eyes he was the whole package. He was handsome, smart, funny, and don’t get me started on his muscles!! *drools*. Our first offical date was at Raging Waters. I mean come on, what’s better than spending all day in a swim suit with the hottest guy around?! And after only a couple months of “talking” we fell in love. It wasn’t just puppy love. The real kind. The kind where you don’t want to go a second without talking, the kind where you get butterflies when you just look at someone. It was a feeling indescribable. And then July 28th came around and we went to the beach..again with the swim suits ;) Travis then pulls out a shoe box and has me “check the size” I open the box, look at the shoes and in bold writing it said “be my girlfriend? I love you!” I had been wanting red converse for a long while and this was the perfect surprise! I gained more than just a new pair of shoe that day!

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how they asked

With my job I had the privilege of traveling across to work to work in Hong Kong for 5 months. Although the experience was beyond amazing, it was hard to be away from Travis. The time difference was about 15 hours so it worked out perfectly to talk every day whether it was morning for me and night for him or vise versa. We made it work. With the job he had at the time there was no way he was able to come out to visit me. So I thought.. At 1:30am I was woken up to pounding at my door. I had no idea who it would be so I looked through the peephole and no one was there, I slowly open the door to see a camera light in my face and my boyfriend standing down the hall! I was so shocked I closed the door LOL. He then walks in my hotel room and the moment I was in his arms it was like everything was perfect again. We had a few days to wonder around the city so I could show him everything I was experiencing including my job. It was the best, and also a little bit of a culture shock to him. My parents were arriving a few days later (which I knew about and had planned for), but little did I know they all had something up their sleeves. I had planned to take my parents to the most popular tourist spot in all of Hong Kong which looked over the entire city on September 28th. But since Travis was here he was able to come too. As we were listening to the portable cassette tapes explaining all the history and which buildings were which, we start to take pictures. I take pictures of my parents, of the scenery and they start taking pictures of us. I literally had no idea what was about to happen. Travis looks at my dad and says can you video? And I was thinking to myself like wait what? You don’t really like pictures let alone a video but I brushed it off until he gets down on one knee. I could help but say SHUT UP. I felt like I would have known something was about to happen but I had no idea, I was in complete shock.

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He then explains to me that he didn’t only come to Hong Kong to surprise me, but to bring me home as his fiancée and not his girlfriend. Me being my emotional self I’m crying tears of happiness and excitement. He then says the words every girl dreams of hearing..”Will you marry me?” YESSSSSSS!!!! At this point I didn’t even look at the ring, I just wanted to kiss him face off! And then he put that ring on my finger and I was even more excited when I saw how gorgeous it was! I couldn’t believe what had just happened but it was perfect!! The goodbye the next day at the airport was a little harder than normal since I was saying goodbye to my FIANCÉ! But I only had a few more days until I joined him back in the states. My life is literally a fairytale and I am so blessed to marry the man of my dreams.

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