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How We Met

Imagine walking around your small town high school for years passing by each other day in and day out without ever really seeing one another. When I sit down and think of how many times Tony and I could have met I am amazed. We had some of the same friends and went to the same places yet the timing never worked out. Tony left for his journey to Arizona and I went about my life in Connecticut. It would take about 11 years and a Facebook friends request to connect us at truly the right time. I believe in fate and I believe there was a plan in all of this. I believe we had to walk down the paths we did in order to really appreciate and love one another.

Tony and I instantly connected with one another, bonding over conversation and facetime because it was our only means to get to know one another. We spent the first 5 months of our relationship dating long distance and it build such a solid foundation for us. We really got to learn the ins and outs of who we were as people and what we wanted for our futures. Conversation after conversation showed us that we both wanted the same things out of this life and our love for one another grew.

I remember getting off the airplane for the first time, getting to see him in person after weeks of talking. I was so nervous and excited all at the same time. The moment I saw him standing there waiting for me, the world froze, everything around me disappeared and I felt this overwhelming calmness. I knew he was the one. I knew that all of my life lessons and struggles led me to this man.
Fast forward two years and here we are planning our wedding, planning our future and loving one another more today than we did yesterday. Each day on this path together continues to prove that we found our soulmates, the person we were both destined to be with. We found our one in a million and I can not wait to celebrate and show our families and friends how truly in love and happy we both are.

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Taylor and Tony's Engagement in Santa Monica Pier California

how they asked

Our first year was filled with trips because we were long distance. Our first trip we went to Vegas and our Second was Cali. Every year we plan the same couple trips and relive our first month together so it was no surprise that this year we would do the same. Vegas came and went and we were off to Cali! This year we decided to invite some friends from back home and take our daughter with us. Tony splurged on the hotel this time which was a little unlike him but with all the mishaps of years past I really did not think twice.

We spent the first day shopping and sightseeing with our friends. The second day we declared a lazy beach day and the third we opted to split off. The girls did some shopping and the boys initially were just going to spend some time on the pier together catching up but Tony decided he NEEDED to find a tank top because he was hot and had left his home. Little did I know he was off going to meet with the photographer he hired to go over logistics and set him up in order to capture the special moment. I had told Tony I always dreamed that in that moment someone would be there to capture it but I really didn’t think he would remember.

We met back up and headed to the hotel to freshen up and head out to the pier as a group. I thought we were going to spend some time on the rides and then head to dinner for the night but he had asked if we could leave our daughter with our friends and take a walk on the beach alone. I happily said yes as I needed a little break from the constant running around. That beach was important to us and I really wanted to take it all in while we were there. Tony seemed a little off but I assumed he was just as tired as I was. We started to walk on the beach hand in hand talking about life and us as per usual and then he stopped me. We hadn’t been walking long so I was a little confused but obliged. It was then he said he needed something from me and when I asked what he started to make his way down on one knee and asked me if I would marry him. I could have sworn I said yes before I came crumbling down beside him (he says I didn’t say anything). It was such an emotional moment for the both of us and he gave me my beautiful ring he picked out.

After we caught our breath Tony quickly pointed out that he had everyone in on it as well. He pointed to the photographer snapping away photos and then up at the pier where our friends and daughter watched the moment. Everyone headed down to celebrate with us and we took a few more photos before heading to our favorite dinner spot. It was beyond magical.

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