Taylor and Tim

How We Met

Tim and I met while I was in law school. I agreed to go with a friend to a bar so she could meet a guy she was talking to. Tim happened to be with that guy. Little did we know… Tim and I would be the real connection. Tim and I talked all night, about anything and everything. When the night ended I told my friend that that was the man I was going to marry.

How They Asked

Two and a half years of dating later, Tim took me out for a night out, we entered a building downtown, took the elevator up and once the doors opened our song was playing and framed pictures of us lined the way. He asked me to be his wife and he turned that once dream into a reality 💍

Where to Propose in Old Market, Omaha, Nebraska

Taylor and Tim's Engagement in Old Market, Omaha, Nebraska

Special Thanks

Emilee Brown Photography
 | Photographer