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How We Met

Taylor and I met on match.com one year ago. I had recently moved to CA from MN and I wanted to join the social scene! After just 3 dates, Taylor asked me to be his girlfriend but I told him it was too early! About a week later, I was in the hospital for pain (nothing serious, thank goodness!) and Taylor was with me. When the doctor asked him to run back to my apartment to get some medications, he left and the triage nurse came into my room to confirm some information with me. After asking me my name, DOB, etc. she asked for an emergency contact. I said “Taylor” immediately. She then asked, “what is your relationship with him?” I thought about it, and as soon as I said “boyfriend”, Taylor walked back into the room! We started dating in the hospital that night and still laugh about it to this day!

how they asked

On our first date nearly one year ago, we couldn’t stop laughing about having the same name. Once we started dating, we were constantly asked: “what do you call each other?” A year later, Taylor (ha) told me he had a surprise for me. On March 10, our 11 month-versary, we pull up to my favorite restaurant that served my favorite dish in LA (until they discontinued it a couple months ago). Once we sat down at a table marked “Reserved”, Taylor told me he had called in advance to have them make my favorite dish! After ordering drinks, he told me he wants to spend his life proving to me that he was meant to be my husband and got down on one knee!

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I said OMG YES, and we cried so many happy tears! Shortly after, the host came to our table and said “This is awkward but I had this table reserved for someone else… I’ll take you to another table instead.” I was so confused but I followed him anyway and I’m so glad I did. The host opened two large double doors to a 12-foot table with bouquets of flowers, and both of our families—mine flew in just to be there! I couldn’t believe it and dropped to my knees crying until I could stand to give everyone hugs! We were showered with love and gifts (and we all ate my favorite dish!) It was the absolute best night of my life. Now we’re going to have the same first AND last name!

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