Taylor and Taylor

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Tenants Harbor, Maine

How We Met

We may not be where we are today without two very key players, which happen to be two of our best friends. My friend Marina had mentioned to me one day that she was supposed to be getting guitar lessons from a guy named Taylor. I immediately started to question who this mysterious guy was after never hearing his name mentioned in our 3 years of friendship. She showed me his photo and that was all it took for me to beg for her to set us up. Unfortunately, Marina said she thought it would be weird since we had the same first name (cmon marina!!!!). I still friended him on Facebook hoping that he’d see my photo and know it was love at first sight. Two weeks went by with no such luck.

Taylor's Proposal in Tenants Harbor, Maine

Enter our friend Andy, who calls me up out of the blue one Saturday and says that he and his friend Taylor (!!) are bored and wanted to see if I and Marina would want to go see a movie with them. I just remember being so giddy to meet him and feeling like a little school girl sneaking peeks of him across the aisle at the movie theater. Since we barely spoke a word to one another that night, I got in the car thinking I had 0 chance. As we were driving out, he rolled his window down and shot me a wink. Later that night I got a message from him on Facebook saying: “Hello there” and the rest is history. We hiked a mountain for our first date and I remember having this overwhelming feeling that everything just felt right with him.

8 years later and we’ve experienced many adventures and conquered many mountains together. I feel blessed that we met at such a young age and continued to grow into who we are today because we grew up together.

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How They Asked

I grew up in a tiny fishing village on the coast of Maine. Our first summer, and many summers after, we spent most of our time on the ocean in my hometown. We were always spending our time outdoors and always watching the sunset together on the beach near my home.

We had plans to go back home, where my parents still live because his cousin was getting married. We took Monday off so that we could have a long weekend at home, and he planned for us to camp on an island in the harbor for our last night. We had talked about becoming engaged many times, so I knew it was likely happening very soon. I had gotten my hopes up so many times over the summer, so when the weekend came, I tried not to get too excited for fear that I’d be let down.

When we got to the island, we immediately set up the tent and he became anxious to get over to the rocks to watch the sunset. I snapped a few photos of him before I found my place beside him and he instantly began talking about how much I meant to him, how we fell in love so many years ago in my hometown and how special of a place it had been for us.

I could feel his nervousness build and then he got up on one knee and said: “so I have a question for you, Tay.” I think we both blacked out a bit after that but I do remember saying a very ecstatic yes! He went to grab the ring to put it on me but I instantly jumped into his arms and we stayed that way for a few minutes soaking it all in. He surprised me with champagne after and we enjoyed it around the fire he had built on the beach. We spent the night on the island and didn’t tell a soul because we wanted to have our time alone to really soak it all in.

The next morning we got up for the most gorgeous sunrise and got to see the tears and happy faces of our parents as we told them the good news one by one. He could not have planned a better way to ask me and it was truly the perfect ending to summer. Who would have thought that the boy with the same name as me would one day be my husband?