Sydney and Taylor

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How We Met

Me and Taylor went to high school together but didn’t actually meet until near the end of our senior year. He actually started talking to me because he needed advice on another girl, so he DM’d me on twitter and we’ve been talking ever since! We became fast best friends and spent almost every day together during the summer. On August 4, 2014 me and Taylor kissed for the first time and on August 6, 2014 Taylor left for a 2 year LDS mission in Texas. In May 2015 Taylor returned home early from his mission and was diagnosed with Stage 1 Burkitt’s Lymphoma. He went through intense chemotherapy all summer and I was with him every day possible. I spent many hours hanging out by his hospital bed and on his couch when he was out of the hospital. In September we became an official couple and Taylor became cancer free! That experience made us so much closer and I love him so much more because of it.

how they asked

(A little backstory:) Taylor’s sister had been asking us for months if she could join us on a date and film what we do, she loved photography and wanted to know if videography was something she would love just as much. This date just happened to be the date that worked out… so I really didn’t think much of it. Anyways, 5th of March would have been our six month anniversary so Taylor took me out on a big date on the 4th. To be honest I didn’t really expect anything too big because Taylor had been preparing for a big test earlier that week, so I thought his mind wasn’t really on planning a date. He took me up to where we had our first date, a place called the B which is a popular place on the mountain by our houses. We watched the sunset and he made us peanut butter and jelly sandwiches (which is both of our favorites).

Then Taylor took me back down the mountain and to my right I see a sign stuck in the ground that says: “Sydney, I love you because…” and all the way down the mountain there were different signs telling me why Taylor loved me. (I still had no clue at this point, he’s such a romantic this would have been a normal thing for our anniversary) We got back down to his house where he told me we were going to make brownies and watch a movie. As soon as we got into his driveway he told me that his mom had just asked him if he would go in the back and check on the chickens (This is where I got suspicious, never has his mom asked him to do that.) I lead the way through the back gate and suddenly see a trail of lights going up to this beautiful tent.

I turned to Taylor and went “OHHHHHHHHH” and he got a big smile on his face! He lead me through the trail, and along it were written important dates of ours: first kiss, first date, first “I love you” etc… He took me over to the tent where there were pictures of us hanging all over the place. My heart started pounding and hands started shaking as I watched him get down on one knee and reach for his back pocket. It was the easiest yes I’ve ever said, and then before I knew it both of our families came running out to celebrate with us!

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