Taylor and Steven

How We Met

Just a little back story: Steven and I lived in the same apartment complex on the same floor for two years AND one of my best friends Lauren and his best friend Corey had been dating for years, but we had never met…

Taylor's Proposal in Piedmont Park in Atlanta, Georgia

So, It was the end of summer 2015 and I was about to begin graduate school at the University of Tennessee. Lauren and I decided to celebrate during the last few days of summer with half-priced wine at Sunspot. Apparently, in the weeks before, Steven had an issue with people stealing his wine at wine night and was determined to finally catch the culprit. I just so happened to be standing near where he had set down his drink, and he was convinced I was the one he had been searching for. He came up to me and essentially accused me of stealing his wine!

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Piedmont Park in Atlanta, Georgia

Being the raging Cajun I am, I made sure to let him know that I am perfectly capable of buying my own wine, before storming off to find Lauren. While I was ranting to Lauren about this jerk that had dared to accuse me, she looks at me confused and said, “Wait, you mean you don’t know Steven?! Isn’t he cute!” I couldn’t deny that. Moments later, the same guy who had just accused me came to offer an apology and see if he could buy me a proper drink. Somehow, we were inseparable from that moment on.

how they asked

I knew the proposal was coming, I just had no idea when considering I had been convincing myself it was happening every single weekend since our trip to Chicago in December 2017. Steven had seemed kind of off during the week, even going as far as telling me we needed to cancel our Wednesday date night to save money. Last minute on Wednesday, he told me he was going out to get drinks with our friend Saeed. Safe to say I was NOT happy (until much later when I realized drinks with Saeed was him scoping out the perfect spot for the proposal). He promised me that he would make it up to me by taking me out to dinner that weekend.

Fast forward to Friday and it was just your average day. Steven acted how he always does, playing our favorite songs too loud on the speakers and dancing around the apartment while I took forever to get ready. When our Uber dropped us off at the park, Steven told me we just had to walk through the park for a little bit to get to our restaurant. It wasn’t until Steven asked me if I wanted to take a detour down by the water that I knew this was it and started hyperventilating. We were both ugly crying by the time we made it to the area of the park that overlooks that lake with the Atlanta skyline as the backdrop. Steven held me and kissed me and made promises to me that I will forever hold near and dear to my heart. Steven getting down on one knee and saying “Taylor, will you marry me?” will forever be the greatest moment of my life.

Waking up the next morning, it all felt so surreal. We were so excited to share the news of our engagement with everyone! As I began FaceTiming my best friends, Steven said he needed to run downstairs really fast. When he came back up, he wasn’t alone. He had my parents drive down from Nashville to celebrate with us, and if you know me, you know just how close I am to my parents and what a huge deal this was. They had to hold me up to keep me from passing out from all of the excitement! We spent the rest of the weekend celebrating our love story and making sure everyone we came across knew 1. we were engaged and 2. got a really good look at my dream ring :)

Being engaged to the love of my life has been my ultimate dream come true. I love you Steven Scott- I can’t wait to take on the world with you by my side.

The surprises weren’t over just yet. Steven had me turn around where I saw my best friend Hayley crying while capturing our proposal. Having her be a part of the most special day of our lives meant more than I could even put into words. We celebrated our engagement that evening just the two of us at our all-time favorite steakhouse, Kevin Rathbun, and met a few close friends for cocktails at the Regent where I made Steven promise that this was the last surprise.

Special Thanks

Hayley Howell
 | Photographer