Taylor and Sid

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How We Met

We met the summer of 2010, on a gorgeous Saturday night at Tejas Rodeo. Although he swears he always saw me out dancing in other places and had stated me his dream girl. He is the most amazing dancer I have ever had the pleasure of partnering with. Anyways he honestly just started out my best friend and we grew closer and closer everyday. One day he invited me up to A&M for a football game, and during that weekend we shared beautiful bonfire night, a wonderful party and absolutely fun carnival. It was just to perfect to pass up and he was even more irresistible! I wouldn’t want to share this life with anyone else!

how they asked

It was the afternoon of November 19th 2015. He and I have shared the many traditions of Texas A&M University but this by far was the best. My now fiancé and best friend is a senior cadet in the corps. He decided to take me to another Aggie game nothing out of the ordinary, and it was wonderful. The Aggies came out victorious of course, so we decided to all go to lunch to celebrate among our friends afterwards. But first the guys all decided they’d go change first, while they gave us ladies money for Starbucks. Of course we would never turn it down, little did I know I was out of the loop and it was a diversion.

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The guys were on their way to the century tree which for those who don’t know, it is said for whoever walks under this tree together will always be together forever. Anyways as we continued to have a great time drinking our coffee the guys were setting up the saber arch in front of the tree where everyone was waiting for me. The girls somehow convinced me the guys would be awhile and we should go for a walk. Little did I know they walked me straight to the century tree where the love of my life was waiting for me and proposed to me in-front of all our friends.

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It was absolutely amazing and I am so thankful to have such a romantic and perfect fiance.

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