Taylor and Sebastian

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How We Met

Sebastian and I met at work in NYC. We had an instant connection and chemistry. He always seemed really nervous around me and finally one week, he was on a night out with 2 of our work colleagues and invited my friend (another colleague) and me to meet up with them. We spent the entire night focused on eachother and talking until 4 am. After that, we were together every day.

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How They Asked

On July 4th weekend it was incredibly hot in NYC and we decided we needed access to a pool. He booked us a night at the Williamsburg Hotel in Brooklyn which had a rooftop pool and allowed dogs (we have a 3-year-old corgi that we adore). The day of the 4th, the hotel was having a rooftop party. It was getting busier and busier and we decided to go watch the fireworks down by the Hudson River with Lloyd (our dog) instead of on the roof. We sat down on a grassy hill and waited for the fireworks.

As the fireworks started, I stood up to watch and Sebastian grabbed my hand and he was down on one knee and started speaking. I instantly started bawling tears of joy and can’t even recall exactly what he said! As he was speaking, Lloyd barked (assuming that was him saying yes!) and as Sebastian was on his knee, he pulled the box with the ring in it out of one of Lloyd’s unused pop bags haha! I said “YES!!!!” We hugged, kissed, and cried. It was the happiest moment of our lives. We had to go through a lot to be together that was too long to mention in the “how we met” portion, but it was such a magical moment. Even better as he is British and I’m American and it was July 4th!

We called our family and close friends right after, went up to the roof to have a bottle of champagne, and enjoyed the rest of the weekend at the hotel. The ring was designed by Sebastian with the help of the team at Stephanie Gottlieb. I wanted something unique with color and he made the ring of my dreams!!!!