Taylor and Sander

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How We Met

We met at the college we attended (Central Washington University) in Washington… I was his RA his freshman year, my sophomore. We kept in touch after that year but it wasn’t until my senior summer of college that we started dating!

How They Asked

With a rough start to 2021 for the couple, with the passing of Sander’s father and Taylor’s great aunt in February, Taylor and Sander felt it would be refreshing with the warming weather of spring, to go out and have a much-needed date day. They decided it would be fun to take a walk down on the Ruston Way Waterfront and get lunch at one of their favorite restaurants, Katie Downs. Arriving at the waterfront and knowing Taylor loves to take pictures, Sander mentioned they could take a photo together before eating lunch and pointed out a blooming tree by the water that would make a beautiful backdrop. Unaware, Taylor went over to the tree and turned to watch the geese float in the water and the speed boats zip by.

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She turned around to see Sander on one knee in the grass, holding out a little white gold ring with a round diamond. “Taylor, will you marry me?” he asked. Dumbfounded, and after taking a moment to process what was happening, Taylor excitedly let out, “of course I will, it’s about damn time!” Sander put the ring on Taylor’s finger, then pointed to the shrubbery. And surprise! There was their good friend Kevin hiding in the bushes and recording them the entire time!

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Much to her surprise, Sander then told Taylor they weren’t going to get lunch on the waterfront because his mother and siblings were waiting for them at his parents’ place to congratulate them on the engagement. Thinking nothing more of it, Taylor took her time to greet Grandma Moe and baby McNeil before entering the house.

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When Taylor finally came in, she was floored; not only was Sander’s family there, but so were friends from high school, college, and some of Taylor’s Washington family cheering them excitedly as they walked in! Taylor, trying to take it all in, moved about the room to say hello to her friends. Little did she know, there was an even bigger surprise behind her. After a tap on her shoulder, Taylor turned around to find Sander had brought her mom down from Alaska! Taylor and Sander finished the day celebrating with their close friends and family.

Special Thanks

Megan Hamada
 | Photographer