Taylor and Sam

How We Met

Sam and I met our junior year at Minnetonka High School in Minnetonka, MN, but we didn’t begin dating right away. Friends first, we formed a strong bond, and eventually realized our relationship could be something more. During our senior year, my friends and I—inspired by the kids on Laguna Beach, which was still pretty popular at the time—hosted a formal holiday party. At the end of the evening, Sam walked me out to my car, where I saw a bouquet of red roses resting on the hood. He asked me to be his girlfriend that night, December 13, 2008, and we’ve been together ever since.

Image 1 of Taylor and Sam

Engagement photo taken at our high school by Asher Marie Photography.

how they asked

Sam grew up in Denver, and for years he’s wanted me to experience the thrill of real hiking in the Colorado Rockies. So when we were vacationing there in May, I knew an adventurous excursion would be in the itinerary. Rain was forecast our entire week there, so as soon as there was a break in the clouds, we took advantage of it and started our trek to the Montgomery Reservoir—one of his family’s favorite scenic spots—near Breckenridge, Colorado.

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When we got there, I was awestruck by the snow-capped mountains and evergreens that surrounded us. I had never seen anything like it. As we were standing there, taking it all in, Sam said he had to “go to the bathroom.” In reality, he was taking the ring out of his backpack and securing it in his pocket. (Looking back, I should’ve realized his suspiciously protective behavior over that backpack!) Before we moved higher up the mountain, I turned away from Sam to capture a few photos, and when I turned back around, there he was, on one knee, smiling, and presenting me with the most beautiful ring I had ever seen. In between shock and overwhelming joy, I collapsed to my knees in front of him and said, “Oh my god, are you serious?” a few times before he managed to say the four words I had dreamt of hearing for years: “Will you marry me?

At 10,000-plus feet high, rain had turned to snow and we were the only two people around for miles. I couldn’t imagine a more perfect proposal for us.

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