Taylor and Ryan


How We Met

Ryan and I went to high school together. I was an outspoken Christian and he was an intellectual Atheist. Ryan went out of his way to remind me as often as possible of how ridiculous and pitiful I was on social media. Yes, Ryan was my high school bully! I never knew anything more about him and he really wasn’t very present in my life until many years later. I found out through mutual best friends that Ryan had experienced a radical conversion and was now a Christian! I was happy, skeptical, and curious.

Our mutual friend’s birthday had come around and Ryan and I both found ourselves sharing a few drinks and deep in conversation at the party. Much to my surprise, he had a grip on Christ like I have never seen before! We ended up talking until 9am the next morning… when I was supposed to be leaving for work! I couldn’t believe the complete change I had seen in Ryan; he was a brand new person! I kissed him before he left and we both knew we had quite an adventure ahead of us. Never in a million years did I expect it to lead us here… engaged to be married.

how they asked

Ryan made me believe that I had planned a couples photoshoot, but he had been pulling strings from the beginning. Because of daylights savings time, we lost light quickly and I thought my brilliant photoshoot was ruined. I might have been internally pouting but I tried to just enjoy the moment and not worry about a potentially missed opportunity. Our photographer was quickly posing us in different positions, trying to salvage the light. He announces that he is going to take a wide shot and backs up some. Ryan took both of my hands as I gave him a funny look and said, “Did he ask us to do this pose? I didn’t hear that?” Ryan assures me that we are supposed to be holding hands, so I ask him if he needs to hold both hands. He then drops my right hand and says, “No, just this one.” And that’s when I knew! I have never been more surprised in my entire life!




Special Thanks

Dillon Tulip