Taylor and Ricky

how they asked

About a month before I graduated he took me to the mall and asked me to pick out any ring. I found this beautiful past present and future ring which made me tear up as he placed it on my finger. Little did I know he was planning on buying it and proposing very soon. We have been in a long distance relationship since we started dating 3 years ago. So when he would come visit me at A&M I would always talk about the century tree on campus. It’s an Aggie tradition to walk under the century tree with your significant other. This symbolizes that you and that person will be together forever.

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After I graduated we left the gym so we could get away from the crowd and take pictures. He suggested “Hey why don’t we go to that tree.” When we got to the tree we walked under it, smiling, kissing, then we turned around and started back under it towards our family. Suddenly he gripped my hand tighter and stopped to turn and face me. He got down on one knee and while crying asked me to be his wife! I was in shock and shaking like crazy! But of course I said yes! We will be moving to Louisiana where he will be a college baseball coach and I will pursue my dream to write!

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