Taylor and Richard

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How We Met

My first day at Belmont University I bumped into this handsome looking guy during orientation while we were playing an orientation game. He had long wavy hair and he was super tan, I assumed he was from somewhere near me in California. Little did I know he was from Northern New York, the complete opposite side of where I lived! My husband says that immediately I fell deep in love with him and the rest was history, but there was definitely more to the story! We started out as really great friends and then one day my he told me that he thought I was more of the “marriage type” and he wanted to make sure I understood that he only wanted to be friends… Thank goodness I had tough skin and thought, well, I like being his friend so I guess we will just stay friends!

Little did I know that exactly 3 years later he would get down on one knee and propose to me! He says that after about 3 months of being friends he was deeply in love with me. We were sitting at church singing a worship song Easter morning and I looked over at him and he had tears in his eyes and he whispered I love you for the first time… Of course, I was already in love with him but had not told him that yet. So, I was teary eyed back and said I love you as well.

how they asked

After that day I could not wait to be his wife… Yes, he was correct I was definitely the marriage type. I had always dreamed of being a wife and getting married to a man that I loved more than anything. He knew that I was almost impossible to surprise, but he knew that I wanted a surprise proposal and he wanted to do it very big!

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He ended up having my whole family, friends, and his family fly in from all over. They hid at the top of Percy Warner (my favorite place to hike) and after he proposed to me he told me to turn around and my entire family was standing there!

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After that I had a surprise engagement party and at the party they surprised me with our wedding date at my dream venue. It was all a whirlwind and it all happened so fast but it was by far the best surprise of my life!

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