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How We Met

Throughout our life many opportunities had arisen where Rafael and I could have met, and yet for some reason the timing was wrong. He certainly knew who I was, (*cough* stalker *cough*) and I knew him as my eldest brother’s friend.  It seemed our meeting was imminent.

My brother invited me to join a group of his friends out one warm summer night. Feeling bold and excited from being recently single, I walked into the brewery with the intent of finding the cutest guy there and talking to him. Instantly, I spotted Rafael.

Game. Set. Match.

Meanwhile, Rafael recognized me from Facebook and thought, “Tonight’s the night! I have to talk to her…” I stood behind him in line for a pint, I tapped his shoulder and said, “So, you know about beer, huh?” The rest of the night is history.  We enjoyed our brews over witty banter and street tacos. To this day, I swears those tacos are the reason I was sick later that night, Rafael denies it.

We had hung out a few times however, timing did seem right as I was about to leave the country for three months.  Rafael thought maybe it just wasn’t meant to be.  Just before I left, I sent him a farewell message, leaving the door open for when I returned.  I came home and Rafael asked me to “hangout”  to hear about my journeys. He actually used the phrase, “Don’t worry, its not a date.” We setup the “hangout” and it turned out to be the best – and last – first date of my life!

We met 4 years ago and will soon celebrate our 2nd anniversary.  Because I am a flight attendant, and Rafael is a creative director who gets to work from home we are taking the first few years of our life together to travel and have as many adventures as possible.  Marriage being the greatest adventure to date.





how they asked

After just one year of dating, Rafael was making preparations for my birthday. He told me we would enjoy a “special” date (this should have tipped me off) the night before my party so that we could have some one-on-one time. I found it odd that we would be going to our usual dinner and movie spot, but was excited nevertheless since movie going is one of my absolute favorites things to do. Little did I know, it was no ordinary date.

I noticed that Rafael had been acting a bit odd at dinner (especially when he reluctantly offered his jacket to me). He seemed to be fumbling with something as he took it off, then placed it awkwardly on my lap and walked BACKWARDS to his seat (again have no clue). Although strange, I dismissed it and moved on to dessert. Our favorite theater was playing “The Princess Bride” and I was happy to be relaxing in the theater. As the movie was nearing the end, I leaned my head on his chest and noticed his heart was beating wildly. “Are you ok?” I inquired. “Yeah,” he replied, “I think the food hit me weird.” Shrugging it off, (its embarrassing how oblivious I am) I stood to leave as the credits began to roll. “Wait!” he exclaimed, “Don’t you wanna see the blooper real?” “There’s no bloopers to The Princess Bride!” I replied confidently. “Yeah, just watch” he assured.

After the last credits rolled, a familiar song played. “Isn’t this the song you want to play at our wedding?” I asked. “Yeah,” he stated calmly, “That’s weird…” (still not the slightest idea)

The screen lit up. Something seemed familiar, yet new. I watched as my best friend danced across the screen recreating our first date. As the realization of what I was seeing swept over me, my eyes flooded with tears. Rafael had my best friend and her husband wear our clothes, go to all of the locations, and recreate all of our first moments.  Our first meeting, first kiss, and so on.  I thought, “oh my gosh he’s proposing!”  Then I freaked out thinking this is just something for my birthday, don’t cry! At the end of the trailer, I look to Rafael on one knee…with a glittering ring outstretched towards me. “YES!!”

I attempted to calm down as we made our way towards the exit and Rafael said, “Who are you going to call first?”  Panic rushed over my face, this was a question I had been dreading to answer ever since we first started talking about getting married.  Just as we enter the lobby, I hear a roar of applause.  As we pass through the doors I see sixty of our closest friends and family cheering with flowers, balloons, and champagne in hand.  I am overcome with emotion and fall to the floor.  It was my absolute favorite day.



Moments he recreated in the movie trailer :

Our first date :


When he asked me to be his girlfriend :


At our best friend’s wedding :


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