Taylor and Peter

Image 1 of Taylor and Peter

For our 3 year anniversary in May Peter surprised me with a week long vacation to Washington DC and tickets to the Book of Mormon at the Kennedy Center. On the night of the show we got dressed in standard theater attire and went to our dinner reservation on the terrace of the Kennedy center. In between dinner and the show Peter took me outside to show me the view from the terrace. He was extremely enthusiastic about seeing the city with a day and night difference. So after the show we headed back upstairs to see the city’s night time view from the terrace. It was absolutely gorgeous! We continued to walk around and look at the city and that is when he started to grin ear to ear and tell me how much he loved me and couldn’t image our lives being any different than they were for the past 3 years. He went on to tell me more adorable and heart melting sentiments and that’s when I knew what was going on. I couldn’t control myself… I started nervous giggling. He got down on one knee and at that single moment I was the happiest that I have ever been. And that is because the man of my dreams was asking me to marry him. I can not wait to continue to share a lifetime of happiness with this incredible man.