Taylor and Peter

How We Met

As all great love stories start, I met Pete at a bar, the old-fashion way. It was a tale of love at first sight. Pete, 6’6” was easy to catch the eye and I was described by a friend as “giddy as a schoolgirl”. Too shy to make a move, I started to leave the bar to dream of what could have been… when at the very last moment, Pete grabbed my shoulder and convinced me to stay. From the moment our eyes locked, we never saw another. Despite our long-distance relationship at the start, we fought against the odds proving love conquers all and is always worth the wait.

how they asked

Pete knowing he needed to throw me off the scent of engagement, went in cahoots with my Dad to mastermind the prank of a lifetime. The elaborate fib entailed Pete making a risky investment losing all his savings and telling me it would take years to save up enough money for a ring again! Departing on a trip a abroad a week later to Croatia, Montenegro and Poland, I wasn’t the wiser that Pete was hunting for the perfect moment to pop the question. After 5 excruciating days of having the ring tied to a string in his pocket, he found the perfect location amongst the ruins of San Giovanni’s castle in Kotor, Montenegro. Racing against the setting sun to hike the castle steps, Pete knew the timing would never be better. While I setup the picnic at the top of the mountain overlooking the Bay of Kotor, Pete sunk to one knee and asked me to be his forever.

Special Thanks

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