Taylor and Peter

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Riverside Park, La Crosse WI

How We Met

Peter was my college tutor. He was a quiet guy and was hard to read. I was intrigued initially and decided It was my personal challenge to get to know him. We became fast friends and just clicked. I remember going home to visit family and telling my best friend that I was going to marry this guy someday. 4 years later we have a home, a dog we spoil, and now a wedding to plan!

How They Asked

After knowing Peter for 4+ years I felt that I would know when he was about to propose. In the middle of a week in May, he asked if I wanted to go on a hike. This was strange because he’s not a huge fan of hiking like I was. I said no and thought nothing of it. The next few days he continued to ask to go. I would continue to push it off for one reason or another. Finally, I agreed just to get him to stop asking! We took the dog and hiked up to our favorite spot. I finally started connecting the dots- he wanted to hike, we brought the dog (I had mentioned I wanted Django included in the proposal) and he was adamant on wearing jeans while hiking on a super hot day. (Realizing I would probably be able to see the ring box in his pocket if he wore athletic shorts.)

We get to our spot and it’s perfect. The sun is shining, no one is around, and we both awkwardly stand there in silence. Then…nothing happens and we leave. I was confused and upset being so confident he was going to ask! We go grab something to eat and decide to walk down by the Mississippi River at sunset (another favorite spot.) As I’m leaning over the edge, admiring the view he says, “You were right you know.” I turned around to see him on one knee with a beautiful ring. “I knew you knew I was going to ask upon the bluffs. But I wanted to surprise you” he said. After a roller coaster of emotions, I said yes to my best friend, dog dad, and love of my life. Here’s to a forever of surprises and “you were rights”-ha!

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Riverside Park, La Crosse WI