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How We Met

You can’t actually say me “met” in September of 2013, but it is certainly where our story begins. I was attending a charity event at the Liberty Hotel for a children’s cause called Cradles for Crayons where I was joined by a number of people, including good friends Rene and Melissa Gauthier, both now members of our wedding party. While mingling around the party, my attention was immediately captured by a beautiful girl in a white dress who was just walking into the room. Taylor was arriving with her close friend and bridesmaid, Caroline King, for a “girls’ night” to celebrate their 25th birthdays. Born only a day apart, these two were all dressed up and ready to celebrate.

Noticing my borderline infatuation with the blonde in the white dress, and my inability to strike up a conversation with her on my own, Melissa decided to spring into action. She approached Taylor to introduce herself and to see if she might be interested in meeting her friend.

We might be telling this story years ago if Taylor had turned around, locked eyes with me, and immediately fallen head over heels in love… but we all know that isn’t what happened. Instead, Taylor politely told Melissa she was at the event with her friend and that she wasn’t interested in meeting anyone. A bit dejected at that point, I was certain I’d never see the girl in the white dress ever again.

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Luckily, I was wrong. About a month later the Red Sox won the World Series, Taylor and I both ended up at the infamous Daisy Buchanan’s to celebrate the victory. Undeterred by the previous rejection, and aided by a bit of liquid courage, I actually introduced himself Taylor this time. We spoke for awhile that night talking mostly about shared connections around Boston, and even laughing about the failed attempt month’s earlier at The Liberty. It would be great to say that we have been by each other’s sides ever since… but that would be too easy.

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Although we did see each occasionally after that second meeting, often aided the mutual friends we had in common, it was still years before we would ever date. While we stayed in touch over the years, spent Sundays in Southie, or attended charity events and Boston Winter Balls together, the timing just wasn’t right. At least not until December of 2016 when Patrick was tipped off to the possibility that Taylor was single. A quick Instagram “search” confirmed as much and I figured I’d reach out to invite Taylor to a party I was throwing. Much to my surprise, Taylor actually showed up and after a night of ping pong and an impromptu Cole Swindell concert, sparks were flying.

I guess Taylor was not willing to make the same “mistake” she had made back at the Liberty Hotel in 2013, so she actually asked me out on our first date the following night. We ended up at one of our favorite restaurant in the South End and we have been making up for lost time ever since.

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We have smiled through date nights in Boston, beach days in Falmouth and the Jersey Shore, dinners with friends and joyous occasions with family.

We have danced through numerous concerts from Coldplay, to U2, to Ed Sheerin to Kenny Chesney, and watched in awe while lining the fairways watching golf tournaments. Between travels to Napa, Savannah, Washington D.C., Nantucket, NYC, Newport, Miami, and New Hampshire, baseball games at Fenway, and countless miles on the Mass Pike, Taylor and I have laughed our way through every minute we have spent together.

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how they asked

It was all highlighted on February 2nd, 2018. Thinking she was headed out for another “girls’ night” with her good friend Caroline, Taylor got all dressed up as we all know she can. Caroline suggested they meet at the Liberty Hotel to kick off the night, just like old times. Little did Taylor know, I had a little something planned, and Caroline was in on it. After coaxing her into the very same ballroom where I had first laid eyes on the girl in the white dress four and a half years earlier, Taylor opened the door not to find Caroline, but instead to find me on bended knee asking her to spend the rest of her life with him. We were joined by friends and family to celebrate that night and we can’t wait to continue the celebration with everyone on December 1st.

It’s a love story… and she finally said “yes!”

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