Taylor and Nick

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Suntrust Park - Atlanta Braves Stadium

How We Met

Nick and I met about 4 years ago at college in Valdosta, GA. We had mutual friends and kept running into each other randomly for a couple of months until he finally asked for my number. We have been inseparable ever since.

how they asked

We have been on many trips and adventures together throughout the last four years, but some are my favorites memories are the ones spent watching the Atlanta Braves play baseball. I’m a huge Braves fan and Nick, well he has learned to love them too. We have been to many games together including spring training games down in Orlando, the last ever game at Turner Field and the Opening Day game at their new stadium, Suntrust Park. Our friend Kaleigh told me she received some Suntrust Park Tour tickets through her work and her parents were planning to go but if they didn’t then she wanted us to join them. I secretly hoped her parents would back out for about a week until she asked us to go with them. I was so pumped. We drove up to Atlanta Friday night and went to Topgolf then got up early Saturday and went to breakfast before the tour (I should have known something was up at Breakfast because Nick didn’t touch his food and that man doesn’t miss a meal). We finally make it to Suntrust Park and we are ready to start the tour. The first stop is down on the field. I was in heaven. I was off in my own little world taking all kinds of pictures to send to my family, who also love the Braves, so oblivious to what was going on around me. Nick and I decided to take a picture together and then he dropped down to one knee and proposed. I was so surprised and overwhelmed with happiness. I couldn’t believe the day had finally arrived. Next thing I know, I hear people screaming in excitement behind me. I turn around and here comes our parents, siblings and other family members storming the field to come celebrate this perfect moment with us. I was so excited I almost ran off without my ring, I had to turn around and go get it. I told Nick I wanted our parents to be there so he made sure they were. Our tour guides specifically told us to stay off the grass because they had just put chemicals down, what does my future mother-in-law do? Runs straight through the grass to us, it was hilarious. After we all had a few minutes to take pictures and say our Hellos, we continued on the tour. We are going to have to take another tour because I was too excited to focus on anything! Haha! Once we finished up the tour, Nick had another surprise planned. He rented out a private bar area at a local brewery, where I was surprised again by more close friends. We spent the afternoon celebrating and watching UGA take home a W! My fiance planned the most perfect proposal for me at one of my favorite places. I couldn’t have asked for anything better, I was ugly crying like all day. Suntrust Park will always be a special place to us. I can’t wait to take our kids to Braves games one day and tell them how we got engaged down there on that field!

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Suntrust Park - Atlanta Braves Stadium

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