Taylor and Niccolo

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How We Met

We met in college 7 years ago at Drexel University. Apparently, the guys were scoping out the girls on facebook and his friend showed pictures of me to Nick. He found out that my friends and I were going to an Avicii concert and made his friends buy tickets to go with him! We ended up meeting that night and the rest was history. I, of course, didn’t know about him buying the tickets until probably a year later and now I say he is a creeper. Haha but I do think it is so cute!

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how they asked

Nick planned a secret vacation and only told me to pack for tropical weather. I only found out at the airport we were going to St. Lucia! When we arrived and he brought me to Jade Mountain Resort, I was stunned! The room was stunning and completely open to the outdoors with a beautiful view of the St. Lucia Pitons. One night there, he told me we were going to a fancy dinner so I got all dressed up. We went up to the rooftop for what he said was happy hour and I saw the most beautiful set up of flowers and candles and the St. Lucia piton backdrop. “Sea of Love” by Cat Power started playing and he got down on one knee and proposed!

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I was shaking and so beyond excited. After about a minute or what seemed like 5 seconds of astonishment as he held me in his arms, he reminded me of the ring! So he put me down and showed me the most beautiful custom ring I had ever seen and I was astonished once again. He had a photographer there so we left the roof and took tons of pictures around the resort. When we returned to the roof for sunset photos, I was surprised by both of our families and my best friends yelling “SURPRISE”!

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Everyone had traveled all the way to St. Lucia from both Boston and Philadelphia to celebrate with us. Nick and I spent the night together and met up with all the people we love for an amazing week full of boating, snorkeling, fishing, and more. It was the best week of my life! I still can’t believe he planned all of this without me finding anything out. I cannot imagine a more perfect proposal for us and I cannot wait to marry him!

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Special Thanks

Bernd Rac
 | Photographer