Taylor and Nathan

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How We Met: Here it goes, the story of how me and Nathan met is kinda funny and silly….. of myself! In March 2013 his profile showed up that we had mutual friends, so I thought “He is cutie.” His profile picture was totally different then what I know now. He had a baby face, and no facial hair. He was handsome then, but super handsome now! Meanwhile, back to my story…. I thought about “poking” him on Facebook, but thought it maybe too weird. Lol, so I messaged him saying “Hey! You look familiar?” I totally knew that I didn’t know him, but I couldn’t let him know! He messaged back, and we talked on Facebook for a couple of days, and then it finally happened….. he asked for mu number, haha!!!!

We text, and talked on the phone literally every night for 3 hours for 3 weeks until I finally decided to take him up on his offer of a free meal, I am ALL ABOUT free food, or maybe it’s just food in general? He took me to Longhorns, and boy oh boy, was I nervous. It was time to order our meal, all I ordered was Cheese Fries. Meanwhile, Nathan is eating corn on the cob, and has corn stuck in his beard HAHA! After that I knew I couldn’t let this sweet boy get away! The next day we both graduated from high school and took a random beach trip. While at the beach, Nathan writes in the sand “Will you be my…” Before he could even finish I screamed YES!!!!!!!!

how they asked: Nate and I had been dating almost 3 years and we had starting talking about moving in together, buying household items, and looking for rings. We looked, looked, and looked everywhere for the perfect one, and I found it! On October 2, 2015, I was working and my best friend, Anna text me telling me she needed me to pick her something up, an to call her before I left work. Whenever I get to my car, she is parked in front of me; with a note from Nathan demanding me to get in the car with Anna, not ask any questions, and for her to video the whole thing. She takes me to Starbucks, I know… a basic white girl, right? The cashier had a card for me, there was a gift card and a card telling me to enjoy my coffee.

Needless to say, I got a water and Anna a piece of cheesecake because I felt so nauseous, and knew the outcome wouldn’t be suitable for what I was about to receive… wink wink! Then Anna takes me to my work, then mine and Nathan’s home, and then finally to my parents house because I totally needed to change into something cute! When we pull up there are 40 candles on my front porch in the shape of a heart, I walk in, yell for my mom to iron my dress, and read the final letter.

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It says “Now our lives begin together!” The door bell rings, and I instantly started bawling. After all, this will only happen to me once, and I was soooooooo excited! I love Nathan with everything in my heart and soul and couldn’t be happier to marry my best friend.

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