Taylor and Mack

How We Met

Mack and I met at Humber College through the Varsity Volleyball Program. He was in his third year in college and I was in my first year. Being a rookie on the team and going to college for the first time was slightly intimidating, especially being one of the youngest to be recruited. Both teams were very close because we traveled together for games, and would practice after one another. Not to mention all the social events we held together made getting to know everyone pretty easy. I knew who Mack was but I was way too nervous and shy to go and talk to the starting middle on the team, who later went on to win Nationals that year.

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Engagement Proposal Ideas in Cottage in Parry Sound, Ontario

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Then one Thursday night in November, a popular night for the local campus pub, everything changed. Both the men’s and women’s volleyball team had planned to go to the campus pub. I was nervous knowing he would be there, and little did I know he was actually waiting for another girl there that night. When I got into the bar, he came over to me and we started chatting. He bought me a drink, and we ended up dancing the night away. He even walked my friend and I home and we all sat and ate pizza until 3 in the morning. After that night, the rest was history. We sat together on the bus for every road trip, hung out before and after practices, and became inseparable. To this day, 7 years later, we are still involved with Humber and the volleyball teams and are so thankful that the sport we both love to play brought us together.

Taylor and Mack's Engagement in Cottage in Parry Sound, Ontario

How They Asked

After 7 years of being together, we had heard it all. “When is he going to propose?” “It’s been forever” “What’s taking him so long?” I had no doubt in my mind that this special day was coming, but had no idea when. I never bugged Mack about it because he got it so much from everyone else, but I had mentioned over the years that I wanted to be surprised, and I wanted it photographed, so we could cherish that moment forever. It was the end of December, and we were hosting New Year’s up at my family’s cottage. My cottage is super special to me and my family. My grandpa has been living up there ever since my grandma passed away about 20 years ago. It’s where we all go to spend quality time together, and the chance to escape our busy lives and enjoy the beauty that this little oasis has to offer. I had been planning this New Year’s party for about 2 months. All of my closest friends from high school were attending. We haven’t all been together in so long so it was going to be an awesome time getting everyone in the same place together again. Mack and I went up 3 days before to set everything up, grab groceries, and decorate.

It was nice being up there just the two of us, it was like a little mini vacation. On the morning of December 30th, we both woke up sick, but we weren’t going to let a cold get in the way of this big party. So we drove into town, got some over the counter medication, and kept working away. I mentioned to Mack that I wanted to build my own photo booth. Anyone that knows me knows that I’m obsessed with taking pictures! I love having photos to look back on and remember the amazing times we had. Mack had just finished building me the frame for my backdrop for my photo booth. I was trying to decorate and stick balloons to it, but nothing was working. I was getting so frustrated I sat on the floor for 20 minutes staring at the lake and how beautiful it looked outside; It was snowing so peacefully with those big fluffy snowflakes. That’s when Mack grabbed the tripod and said let’s go take some pictures outside. I didn’t even think twice when he said that because I’m always begging him to take pictures with me. I quickly grabbed my boots, hat, and mitts and ran outside.

He set up the tripod and brought this Bluetooth clicker. I thought it was perfect for the photo booth and he said he wanted to test it out ahead of time. So here we are, fooling around on the dock, jumping, spinning, making silly faces with each other. He goes over and checks the photos to see how well they worked. He said they were good but wanted to get a few more just to be safe. He walked over and I suggested what pose we could do next. He whispered to me “I have a better one”. I turn to look at him and there he was, down on one knee with a ring. It was like time had stood still.

I’m pretty sure I blacked out for a moment because next thing I knew I was crying and laughing and smiling and shaking all at the same time. I couldn’t believe the love of my life had just asked me to spend the rest of our lives together. It was such a fairy tale. After spinning around in the snow and jumping up and down, we took some more photos with the ring and called all our family. The next day when all our friends arrived, there was so much love and happiness that filled the room. The most magical experience to date and I am just over the moon about marrying my best friend.