Taylor and Luke

How We Met

It’s kind of a funny thing. We don’t think we ever really met officially! We were both involved in agriculture and knew of each other from the county fair. I used to work as a waitress and he would come in all the time and I would serve him. His dad and my boss are friends and tag teamed us! One thing lead to another and we started dating. Maybe that’s when we officially met and got to know each other?!

How They Asked

We made an 18 hour drive to see family in Pennsylvania. And the proposal was in Pittsburgh at the Point where the three rivers come together. It was a total surprise. Although it was not the original idea Luke had, (proposing on my birthday the following month) apparently it was the perfect place and time. It was in the single digits in temperature and I could barely cry because I was so frozen, both by the cold and by the surprise!

Special Thanks

 | Photography
Graham's U-Pick Farms
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