Taylor and Lenny

How We Met

Lenny and I met in high school. I was a freshman and he was a junior. I wish I could say that it was love at first sight, but I actually felt opposite and wanted nothing to do with him! He seemed to have a negative and cyclical attitude, but we had mutual friends, so we often found ourselves together. After a few weeks, I became curious about him and wanted to know more, but he kept a guarded wall up. By then, I was preparing to go to my first high school dance, The Freshman Winterjam. I saw it as the perfect opportunity to have Lenny go with me and possibly make it a date. Surprisingly, he agreed and decided to be my date to the dance, and then take me out to a movie afterwards. I was excited, but nervous about how he would behave. I was beginning to actually like him, but I had no idea why! It’s not like he was ever sweet or treated me any special way, but something about him just drew me to him constantly. However, our irate date went pretty horrible! He couldn’t dance, we both hates the music, and even worse, the movie we saw after was terrible. And we barely spoke a word to each other all night. And it didn’t help that Lenny kissed me right before the dance, which made things even more awkward! After the date we didn’t speak for over a year, but we later rekindled our relationship and then finally decided to make it official and exclusively date! We had quite an interesting start, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything! Image 1 of Taylor and Lenny

Image 2 of Taylor and Lenny

how they asked

Lenny decided to take me, our son Mason, and my family on a week long trip to Walt Disney World! Now, anyone who knows me know that I’m a Disney addict! So I was on pins and needles waiting for this trip to come. And it was on Mothers Day! (beat that gift!) It was the middle of our first day, which we were spending in Magic Kingdom. It was Lenny’s and our son’s first visit to WDW, so it was a big deal for us to spend it meeting characters and princesses. We dressed our son as Prince Charming to go meet Cinderella and the other princesses. Once we finally got to the front of the line to take pictures, I was excited myself because it was my first time meeting Cinderella! The 5-year-old girl came out of me while hugging Cinderella. It was right after the flashes of the cameras that I felt hard, heavy pokes on my shoulder. That’s when I turned around and saw Lenny getting down on one knee, with a big, goofy smile on his face and a black box with a Mickey sticker on it in hand. I was so shocked and surprised, I couldn’t speak. My hands felt like they were stuck to my face and I was stuck in that moment. I remember hearing gasps and awes from everyone in line. That’s when Lenny said to me, “Taylor Nicole Welch, I love you so much and want you as my wife. Will you marry me??” Still in shock, I physically couldn’t muster up my obvious Yes, and after a few seconds of silence, I could tell I as making him nervous. I nodded my head up and down and managed to squeak out a yes! He placed my ring on my finger and gave me the sweetest and tightest hug and kiss. The crowd watching was cheering and congratulating us. I’m so happy the Disney park photographers were there to capture the whole thing! Of course, I had to show off my ring to Cinderella and Rapunzel! In those few moments time had slowed down and I felt like royalty. I’ll never forget those moments and the look on Lenny’s face when pulled my ring out. Just by seeing his smile, I knew he was the one.

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