Taylor and Lane

How We Met

Lane and I met my senior year of high school in California. I had noticed him around the school before but we had never talked much. He was on the football team and I was cheering so I had noticed him on Friday nights, so when we were both invited to a birthday party of a girl on my team I knew I had to go. When I saw him I started talking to him and his friends. I thought he was so cute. Naturally, since I cheered and he played football, I had to make him some posters that next Friday.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Nashville, Tennessee

Taylor and Lane's Engagement in Nashville, Tennessee

I started to take pictures with him after every game with these posters. We started hanging out more and more, he eventually asked me to be his girlfriend. Of course, I said yes. Who knew that wouldn’t be the last time I was saying “YES” to him. I graduated high school in 2014 and he had one more year left. So I kept cheering him on from the stands, I was at every game. I absolutely loved it.

How They Asked

In 2018 we moved to Georgia. Lane had been working and traveling with Duke Energy, we had celebrated 5 years of dating that November and a year of long distance. We decided it was time for us to take a vacation. We planned a 5 day trip to Nashville, Tennessee. My best friend and her husband, Jacqueline, and Bryce live not far outside of Nashville. We had planned to meet up one day.

I was so excited to make plans with her, little did I know Lane was making plans of his own. Jacqueline had told me about a lake she went to with her friends, saying we could go and take some pictures. When we got there I was so excited, the lake was beautiful.

As I was trying to smile and look as cute as possible, considering the humidity had already gotten to my hair, I noticed Lane had reached into his pocket. And before I knew it, he was down on one knee. I was so in shock, I couldn’t even get “YES” out. That was the happiest moment of my life and having my best-friend be involved to make it even sweeter. We say “I do” in 2020. I can’t wait to start this new chapter of our lives!